Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Sassy Pants Mommy tagged me with the Honest Scrap Award like AGES ago and I'm finally completing it! I have to list ten things about myself that are honest. Possibly brutally so. In fact, I'm sure that more brutal equals more entertaining, right? Let's see what I can come up with...

1. I am a serious procrastinator. A procrastinator with anxiety issues. I think it's pathological. It's as if my mind thrives on that heightened level of anxiety that comes with the pressure to complete a task. I wonder about it sometimes, but not enough to change my ways.

2. I never keep track of my period. Never. It's always a surprise. Sometimes I think that it might be a good idea to have some inkling of when to expect the Crimson Tide - but, I never follow through.

3. I am a closet nose picker. I once sneezed and had something hanging out of my nose for like half of the day. Scarred. Me. For. Life. Now, every time I go to the bathroom I make sure that there is nothing in my nose that will come flying out or dangle after a sneeze. I totally understand if you never want to read this blog again - I'm gross.

4. I hate my fucking hair. Hate it. HATE IT!!! I have never had a hassle free hair style, nor have I ever been able to recreate anything that my hairdresser has done to my head. Everyday my hair looks like a badger's nest. Or, what I assume a badger's nest looks like. At any rate, it's a hot mess.
5. I hardly ever wear make-up. Because, like #4, I can't seem to do anything that looks remotely like what other woman are able to create. And I wonder why I'm single...

6. I am a yo-yo dieter. It's terrible, but true. I will gain and loose 20 pounds a year. After reading these last three "confessions" I realize that I have not made myself a priority. Clearly I'm too lazy to do anything about the three things which bother me the most about my appearance. Hmmm, must add this to the list of goals for 2009 - take an active interest in yourself. Geez, if only for the sake of others!

7. I rarely eat breakfast. I'm honestly too rushed in the morning to bother and by the time I get to work and finish putting out all of the "fires" that happened overnight it's lunchtime! And I'm starving. And I usually make poor lunch decisions as a result. Seeing a pattern here? I am!

8. I am a recovering "whiner." Oh, I used to be terrible as a child. I whined about everything. Sometime in my 20's it occurred to me that not everyone in the world is interested in my troubles/worries. Surprise! As a result I barely tell anyone what's going on in my life unless it's either really horrible or exceptionally wonderful. Except for you guys. You guys are my whining outlet.

9. I actually prefer rainy days to sunny days. AND I LIVE AT THE BEACH! I am a mixed up person, that's a fact. I'm not sure what it is, but ever since I lived in Washington State I've longed for the mostly rainy/overcast days that allowed me to stay indoors, read a book and pet my kitties while listening to the sounds of Muffin playing. To me - that's heaven. Sunny days make me feel obligated to get out and do something. Bah.

10. Hmmm, the last one. Well, I'm going to steal it from MOFM, I drank (a little) when I was preggers with Muffin. Partly because I didn't know I was pregnant for the first four months (read more about that here) and partly because, in the end, I was told that one glass of wine a week would have no adverse affects on the child. My parents told me that. After all, when they were younger, pregnant people used to drink martinis and chain smoke. So, what's the harm of an occasional glass of wine?

And I'm done. So, who should be tortured privileged next? I'm going to tag:

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And anyone else who would like to give it a go! Have Fun!


PorkStar said...

hahhahaha oh lord i laughed so hard at the sneeze part lol..

Unknown said...

i pick my nose too, better that than having the boogs hangin out of your nose all day. ;)

Matter Of Fact Mommy said...

YAY, CALICO! so glad sassy tagged you on this! i only wanted to tag a few and i feel like i always tag you, so i'm glad she did. anyway...

#1-- ME TOO.
#3-- i pick my nose ALL.THE.TIME.
#5-- the only makeup i wear is mascara.
#10-- welcome to the club. my mom smoked and drank wine through all 3 of her pregnancies and we are all (relatively) normal. shit is so different these days!

also? it's no wonder i like you.

Unknown said...

So? What do you really look like? I mean, some people are too hard on themselves - and think themselves unattractive when really, they quite attractive. Others are just the opposite. But people are RARELY accurate in their assessment of themselves. Picture, please?

Tina said...

That was funny..Go to mycycle.com and track your periods...lol and My MIL had a ciggy at her bed side when she delivered my BIL..

Wineplz said...

that list was hilarious!
hey, I got a picture of your hair...hee hee!

I'm totally an anxious nose-picker, worrying about what is swinging in the breez AND I drank a leeeeetle when I was pregnant with both my kids. Just the occassional half-glass of wine with a big meal, which I usually gave up one the kid was noticeably active in my belly (dang mother's guilt). Then I resorted to just slurping a sip from my husband's glass.

I'm going to be sure to try to get this meme done...though with how low my readership has fallen from my neglect, I wonder if I dare scare away the last few people! :D

ATenorio said...

I keep meaning to come over here and say hello. But I obviously am with you on #1. :)

Madame Queen said...

I haven't forgotten this meme, I promise!! Just been super busy.

Missie said...

I am going to do this! I promise! Thanks for tagging me. :) I'm looking forward to blogging about this one.