Monday, January 5, 2009


So, how many people made New Years resolutions? I've pretty much given up on the habit of making resolutions but I do want to accomplish some things this year - does that count? Here's a brief list:

I need to get my house ready to put on the market sometime in the Spring.

I want to take a trip to Italy in late April or early May. This may sound like a frivolous thing to add to my list but it's a trip that has been postponed once already and it needs to happen before my major lifestyle change. Besides, I feel that by the time my trip rolls around I'll be in desperate need of some R&R.

I need to put together my resume and start actively job hunting soon. Make that "very soon."

Of course, I want to eat better and exercise more - but I think that's a left over goal from years and years and years ago.

I will need to house hunt eventually. That's both scary and exciting but it's way down the road. The scary part part has more to do with selling my own house and finding a new job. The exciting part will be searching for a new home for Muffin and I.

Let's see, I guess that's about it for now. I'm going to have a busy year. I hope that the transition from military to civilian happens smoothly. I hope I can accomplish all of my goals. I hope that you all can accomplish yours too!


Unknown said...

you have a lot to look forward to...and it will all work out wonderfully, I just know it. :D

Elle Charlie said...

Wow, you have a ton going on - I'm sure it'll all go swimmingly - one step at a time, right?