Monday, January 19, 2009

Photo Tag!

Missie Jean over at Death By Chocolate Martini tagged me with this fun little number...

· go to your documents
· go to your pictures
· go to your 6th file
· go to your 6th Album
· go to your 6th picture
· blog about it
· Tag 6 friends to do the same

I recently re-organized my "My Pictures" folder and now have everything sorted by year and then month/season so this should be pretty easy!

Let's see, my sixth folder is labeled "2006" and the six folder is labled "Muffin at Preschool."

Here is the sixth picture - but since you can't really see my little girl, I'm going to include the seventh picture as well. Hey! I'm a mom, so sue me!

These pictures were taken by Muffin's preschool teacher, Felicia. She was a wonderful lady that always had encouraging things to say about my daughter. We were new to the preschool, having recently decided to let my sister go back to work and there was a little transition period where Muffin had to adjust to all of the other children. Ms. Felicia was a rock, I'll always be thankful for her.

That tricycle has been a fixture in our life for the past few years as well. I'll never forget the day when I came to get her and Muffin placed her hands on my thighs, looked right into my eyes and said in a stage whisper "Mama, today I rode the Big. Red. Tricycle." She was so earnest and so proud. She has loved riding trikes and bikes ever since. In fact, she fusses at me if I pick her up before her afternoon trip outside because that means she doesn't get another chance to ride. Yeah, I feel the love.

So, those are my pictures - I'm not sure who I have left to tag... Let me put it like this: If you have a day empty of any blog fodder complete this meme. It's fun and it will take you on a nice trip down memory lane. Enjoy!

Happy MLK Day! Here is your holiday photo of Sawyer to get your week started. :)

You didn't think I'd be distracted by pictures of my precious little girl and forget did you? Just a few more days to go!


Unknown said...

*drool* over Sawyer, but your girl is a little cutie too!

Elle Charlie said...

I'm glad your daughter has such a wonderful teacher - I'm sure that made a big difference to both of you!

I really like this pic - very sexy w/the beach in the background. Makes me want to go on vacation!