Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Lost ala Lolcats

Yeah, I suck. I haven't even WATCHED the last Lost Episode - and yet, this lolcat video made my day.

We All Everybody!

Monday, May 3, 2010

What, Six Weeks Already?

Wow. Six weeks have gone by pretty fast with no updates in Bebop-land. Any idea why that might be? Well, it's pretty much because nothing has happened.

Oh sure, Muffin said some really cute things and her jack-ass of a dad acted like a... well, a Jackass. But neither of things is novel nor earth shattering. Though, as a mom I have to say Muffin's little turns of phrase are pretty adorable. She has taken to spelling things out and the results are very amusing. I love six-year-olds. As long as they are related to me. (Just kidding! not really)

I have utterly failed at unpacking the boxes I swore to have unpacked by Easter. When was Easter? Like a month ago? Yep, epic fail on my part! But I own it. It's like I was explaining to my older sister - I've lived without this crap for nearly a year now!

Part of me just wants to throw the boxes in the dump. But a greater part of me knows that there are things in these boxes that I will want later. Things like baby pictures and shit. You know, that stuff we're supposed to hold on to for sentiment's sake? I'm reminded of a George Carlin skit that explains the mystery of *stuff* - anyone else remember that one? Just me? No wait! There's YOUTUBE!

Yep, pretty much me in a nutshell. All I need is my Vaseline, french toenail clippers and a dildo. AND if you didn't watch to the end of that clip then you can just keep imagining those are my treasured possessions. If you did watch until the end... How did he know? (LOL! no really how did he KNOW)

So, my time off? I can't really account for it. Just living, working, driving, shopping - the stuff of life. I'd blog more at work (my favorite place to blog!) but my computer is inconveniently placed so that everyone walking by can see the screen. Strangely enough, blogging on company time isn't exactly smiled upon. Go figure.