Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

A lame title for a post, eh? Well, I feel like I have to shake the dust off and oil up my rusty blogging skillz because it's been for-damn-ever since I posted. I suppose I could fall back on the fact that it was the Holiday season and people tend to get rather busy at that time... But nearly everyone else found time to post so I can't really get away with that excuse, can I?

It has been a busy time for Muffin and me. First, her birthday was on the 15th and I had to scramble in order to ensure that special occasion was duly made much of despite the fact that we had moved exactly one week earlier and she had no friends. Now, I ask you - what is sadder than a little six year old with no friends? Poor baby. I felt it more than she did and went out of my way to make it up to her - I even promised to have a (gasp) Chucky Cheese play date with her new friends sometime in the Spring. I'm already regretting that promise, but as she is only six there is a small chance she may forget it. Yeah, right!

Ok, so then we had a MASSIVE snow storm on the 19th. My aunt (who lives locally) asked Muffin and I to come and stay with her, make cookies, drink wine and watch the Hallmark channel. Hellz yeah! Muffin and I trooped over Friday evening and by Saturday morning the world was a winter wonderland. The snow fell, and fell and fell some more. We ended up with 26" of snow - which, by the way, is a record setting snowfall for the DC area. It was lovely to watch coming down but quite a bitch to get rid of the next day. I have a whole separate post dedicated to that coming in the future. Suffice it to say, I am worse than useless when it comes to snow and snow related activities.

Of course there was Christmas - and all the traveling that comes with it. Muffin and I made it home in pretty good time despite the traffic. Did I mention how much I love my garmin? I do love it. It directs me around traffic and that is priceless in my eyes. Again, future Christmas post is forthcoming...

And now, I am the only person in my department at work on New Year's Eve. Hence the hasty post - I feel as though I can risk it. Muffin has spent the last week with her dad and is loving it. I had some major retail therapy that resulted in a 250GB Playstation 3 (squeel!!!) and am looking forward to a night with two bottles of champagne, Dragon Age and my old cat. Don't hate - not everyone can be as glamorous as I.

With that thought - please have a very safe and happy New Year! I look forward to reading about your wild and wonderful exploits! See you in 2010!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Randomness and Spam

First of all – I’ve been getting lots of spam. Spam of the Asian variety – so I can’t even read what it’s saying. However, if it’s anything like the other spam I’ve received it probably has to do with penis size and how to keep it up longer. Not that either of those subjects is ever discussed on my blog, but whatever.

Speaking of penises… The lovely Logical Libby did a post about Tiger Wood’s penis yesterday and it had me in stitches. She basically pointed out that his penis must be something special because why else would national news give it so much coverage? And this got me thinking about other news like Tiger Wood’s penis – you know, Balloon Boy, Jon and Kate, Brittany’s shaved head, Madonna’s adoption etc… Why on earth is this shit “breaking news?”

I have a theory – it’s because most Americans are afraid to discuss the real news. Most Americans would rather discuss the person who was voted off of Survivor (ahem) than the debate on Health Care. Most Americans don’t want to “make waves” and get in heated discussions about relevant news items because it might mean that they won’t fit in. So the networks give us something to talk about that won’t rock the boat. It’s a shame, really. We’re being dumbed down because it’s easier than voicing a different opinion.

Well, that’s my two cents anyway. Not that I watch the news – other than local weather and traffic. Honestly, I had no idea about the Balloon Boy thing, but I did think it was silly for all the news networks to get their panties in a wad over being duped. Yes, I’ll stick with my reality shows and Christmas Specials thank-you-very-much.

As for the spam, sorry – but the word verification must go back up. Hey – if I’m not getting royalties for advertising some awesome Asian penis enlargement medicine, then I’m not going to play. BTW, how many times did I use the word penis in this post? Six, I think. My new record!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Weekend Wrap Up...

Quick update!

I know I’ve been off the grid since at least Thanksgiving. I am finally out of the bat-shit crazy land lady’s house and in my own home. That jewelry that went missing? She miraculously discovered it in her paperwork! Amazing! Like I believe a bit of it – I think it was my threat to call the police that made her cough it up.

I moved all the shit I had been storing at her place and in a storage shed over to the new place this weekend. In the snow. Yes, the snow. How blessed am I to have wonderful parents who would put up with this shit and help me? I know, I owe them BIG – especially since it was Dad’s birthday on Saturday.

Muffin started at her new school today! I’m really impressed with the school and the day care she will be going to. She seems pretty happy too. There is a little girl in her kindergarten class who will be with her in before and after school care as well! Score! Also, there is a little girl Muffin’s age living in the condo above us too! What luck!

Today my furniture is arriving from long storage. Finally! My own things! Mom and Dad are being totally awesome by staying at the condo and accepting the furniture for me. I expect to come home to a big mess – but it will be MY mess and MY stuff! I can’t wait.

So, that’s pretty much it. I will try and catch up with everyone over the next couple of lunch breaks. Hope everyone is as excited about the holidays as I am! Christmas in my new home! Yay!