Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

A lame title for a post, eh? Well, I feel like I have to shake the dust off and oil up my rusty blogging skillz because it's been for-damn-ever since I posted. I suppose I could fall back on the fact that it was the Holiday season and people tend to get rather busy at that time... But nearly everyone else found time to post so I can't really get away with that excuse, can I?

It has been a busy time for Muffin and me. First, her birthday was on the 15th and I had to scramble in order to ensure that special occasion was duly made much of despite the fact that we had moved exactly one week earlier and she had no friends. Now, I ask you - what is sadder than a little six year old with no friends? Poor baby. I felt it more than she did and went out of my way to make it up to her - I even promised to have a (gasp) Chucky Cheese play date with her new friends sometime in the Spring. I'm already regretting that promise, but as she is only six there is a small chance she may forget it. Yeah, right!

Ok, so then we had a MASSIVE snow storm on the 19th. My aunt (who lives locally) asked Muffin and I to come and stay with her, make cookies, drink wine and watch the Hallmark channel. Hellz yeah! Muffin and I trooped over Friday evening and by Saturday morning the world was a winter wonderland. The snow fell, and fell and fell some more. We ended up with 26" of snow - which, by the way, is a record setting snowfall for the DC area. It was lovely to watch coming down but quite a bitch to get rid of the next day. I have a whole separate post dedicated to that coming in the future. Suffice it to say, I am worse than useless when it comes to snow and snow related activities.

Of course there was Christmas - and all the traveling that comes with it. Muffin and I made it home in pretty good time despite the traffic. Did I mention how much I love my garmin? I do love it. It directs me around traffic and that is priceless in my eyes. Again, future Christmas post is forthcoming...

And now, I am the only person in my department at work on New Year's Eve. Hence the hasty post - I feel as though I can risk it. Muffin has spent the last week with her dad and is loving it. I had some major retail therapy that resulted in a 250GB Playstation 3 (squeel!!!) and am looking forward to a night with two bottles of champagne, Dragon Age and my old cat. Don't hate - not everyone can be as glamorous as I.

With that thought - please have a very safe and happy New Year! I look forward to reading about your wild and wonderful exploits! See you in 2010!!


Unknown said...

Santa Claus gifted me with the 80gig PS3 - and a copy of Tiger Woods Pro Golf 10. And I love it!!!

And in February - Gran Turismo 5 is finally coming out!!! YAY!!!!

Happy New Year, to you and yours.

Harmony said...

Being busy during the holiday season is a great excuse..stick with it, I am! LOL

I had hoped for some snow for us this year, but the winds took it an hour sad. Oh well, maybe next year. Can't wait to read about your snow removal process and your Christmas wrap up. Happy New Year!!

Samsmama said...

26" of snow? Holy snot!

Sam got a few new PS games and an XBOX 360 for Christmas. Needless to say, I only see him when he needs food.

Have a fun evening, it actually sounds quite nice. We'll be on the couch. And at this rate, we'll be struggling to make it to midnight.

Happy New Year!

Mary said...
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Mary said...

(wipes tears from cheeks)
like Muffin will forget about Chucky Cheese.
Such an amateur mistake :)

Happy New Year!!!! xoxoxoxo

p.s. Word ver: preegera
the sound I would make if I found out I was pregnant :)

Elliott said...

Yow, 26". Have I ever mentioned my hatred for shovelling snow?

And yes, Garmin rocks. I have so many out-of-the-way restaurants programmed into ours, since I go on quests any time I travel for work. And Garmin does not insist upon its own way, like that lousy Tom Tom.