Monday, January 4, 2010

Can't Find The Camera Cord...

So, here is something in the meantime.

I found the answer to my prayers - Mr. Steamy!

And no, I'm not talking about David Boreanaz or Henry Cavill - I'm talking about a crazy advertisement I saw on tv that will literally cut my ironing out altogether.

You know how I 'fessed up to doing the old "throw the clothes in the dryer" version of ironing? Well, Mr. Steamy totally justifies this action! Observe!

And this releases all the wrinkles from your garments! Miracle of miracles!! Let me tell you - as soon as I see this at CVS or Walgreens, it's totally mine. Finally! A little respect for lazy bums like me! Yay Mr. Steamy!

Pray for me and hope that I find that blasted camera cord or it's more of the same all week. :)


Mala said...

A) I was totally expecting Mr. Steamy to e a hot guy. Boo.

B) Let's hope Mr. Steamy doesn't become Mr. Melty. That would suck.

C) I'm lazier than you because I refuse, REFUSE to buy (or wear) anything that requires ironing. Yeah, I'm hot.

Good luck finding that camera cord.

Unknown said...

Camera cord? Do you not have a memory card or stick or some other REMOVABLE memory device in your camera? If you do, go to Best Buy or some other place of similar ilk, and buy a Memory Card Reader that will plug into the USB port in your computer. It's quicker than camera transfer, and easier on the camera battery. And it's harder to lose.

hokgardner said...

i NEVER iron, so maybe i should look for a mr. steamy, too.

MommyTime said...

I love Mr Steamy already.

I am constantly losing my flash card reader, so I feel your pain. Good luck finding it!