Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Snowy Weekend - Muffin's POV

Mama and I went to stay with her Aunt D who I also call Aunt D and is very nice. She let me help make Christmas cookies - I got to roll the dough and then mash the cookie cutter in it. It was fun and I liked it.

While the cookies were baking I used my new art easel to draw a picture of a unicorn. Mama said it looked really good.

Mama helped me put icing on the cookies and I asked her if I could eat one. She let me eat two.

When the snow stopped Mama and Aunt D dressed up in warm clothes and tried to find the car. Mama said some bad words when she couldn't get the Uncle C's snow blower working. She said I wasn't allowed to say those words until I was 21. Aunt D's neighbor helped out and made a path to the bottom of the driveway.

Then Aunt D got out some snow toys and the little girls from next door came over to ride down the driveway. It wasn't very fast.

Then the neighbor girl brought over a sled. I liked that better and we took turns.

After that I got cold and Aunt D made me some hot cocoa. Then I watched a movie and decided to stay inside. Mama shoveled out the rest of the driveway and did it two more times after a big snow plow truck put more snow in the driveway. Then her car got stuck on Aunt D's fence and a man with a big truck had to come and drag her out. We had a nice visit with Aunt D and I hope we can go back again. Mama hopes next time we visit there is no snow.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful post! And might I say what I talented little girl. I couldn't even draw a unicorn that well. She is awesome! Mr. Repulsive has some latent drawing abilities. He is just too lazy to use them, but I used to think he was quite talented. Until I saw Justin's work that is. I know petty, but maybe Muffin got those skills because she might actually use them. She is really, really good. Please tell her I am very in awe of her skill.

Mary said...

ok- is that REALLY what Muffin drew? Bc if so, its amazing...get that girl in some art classes pronto- and save these 'masterpieces' b/c they will be worth millions one day.
Speaking of, I'd like to buy one once her 'collection' is complete :)

hokgardner said...

looks like a fun time. my kids would be jealous of all the snow, for about five minutes.

Bev said...

Cute post! Muffin is a born blogger. :)

What a fun weekend!!

Unknown said...

HAHAHA, love this!

Mala said...

Very cute!
Of course "Mama said some bad words when she couldn't get the Uncle C's snow blower working" was my favorite part!

Samantha Gianulis said...

No snow? You should live where I live then. You're princess is a good artiste!

Anonymous said...

Great post, when are you getting your own blog, muffin?

Samsmama said...

Aww, way to go, Muffin! Watch your back, Calico!

I'm with the others, that's really what she drew? I couldn't do that to save my life.

The cookies look like they were fun to make. Hooray for taking her sledding. I kept my butt parked inside.