Saturday, January 9, 2010

Resolutions, revolutions, revelations

I’m not a big fan of resolutions – mostly because I have a hard time with the root word: resolve. I don’t have a whole bunch of resolve. Not in my personal life anyway. Another blogger mentioned that she wanted to call her New Year pledges revolutions. I can kind of get behind that root word – I have been known to revolt (and be revolting) from time to time. However, my personal betterment list isn’t very revolutionary this year. Last year? Now that’s a different story!

When I think of everything that happened in the past year I’m still amazed that I made it through. This time last year I was gearing up to get my house on the market and still had the fact that I was leaving a lucrative career in a fiscally challenging time on the horizon! I am very blessed to have had all the pieces fall into place. Not that it was always a bed of roses (crazy land lady anyone?) but everything turned out far better than I was expecting.

No, no revolutions this year. I’m going to focus on personal betterment and being a good mom to my rapidly growing little girl. I want to lose weight – but I’m not going back to WW. I need to change my lifestyle for good and when I go to WW I mentally picture it as a short term lifestyle that always finds me “off the wagon” and unhappy. So, I will forgo the opportunity to lose weight quickly and focus on leading a better lifestyle while setting a good example for Muffin. We’ve had way too many Kid’s Cuisines in the house and mama just got a new crock pot so it’s time to get cooking.

I also want to save money again. I dipped heavily into savings those months without employment and it got to be kind of a habit. If I wanted something – bam, I bought it. Not a very smart practice to get into. I’ve worked out a budget and I intend to stick to it by working in a little play money. I mean to go about it in the same manner as my eating habits – not to go to extremes but adjust my lifestyle.

In the short term I want to get my house unpacked and make it into a home. I’d love to get Muffin back in dance lessons – but time is tight and I’m not sure how to work them in. I would also like to cut back on the alcohol now that the holidays are over and stressful times are receding. Ideally, I’d like to find some kind of community work to do – but that will likely have to wait until after I finish unpacking.

So, this year is not about revolutions but revelations and slow but steady growth. I am excited with my new job and new home and I am looking forward to some good times ahead. I'm going to do posts related to my "resolve" on Saturday since those are usually slow days and the posts are sure to put people to sleep. I really need to get my "weekly update" post started again with pictures of Muffin and recap of our week but I'm taking this commitment thing one day/week at a time.


Elliott said...

Getting settled is always a bear, but I'm thrilled, as a late joiner, to know what you did in the last year. That takes some gumption and I'm glad it sounds like it worked for you and the peanut. I've never made real resolutions myself (you saw my list, probably), and don't know why we need to pick one day a year to decide upon change.

As for the crock pot, here's a slow cooker recipe I'm very proud of:

I suppose I could resolve to take the time to create proper HTML links. Maybe next year.

Anonymous said...

Well good for you. Small lifestyle changes are much easier to handle than a big change that one can never stick to!

I need to do the same myself but it requires some thought and I'm too busy being snotty at the moment!

Bev said...

Excellent pledges, all of them! Best of luck achieving success in 2010!


MommyTime said...

This are great goals -- and I think I could take a lesson from you on this. I tend to get all grandiose with myself and make lofty plans, when really, something a bit more graduated would be much more likely to actually happen. Good luck!

GoteeMan said...

several years ago, I made a resolution to never make another resolution... so far so good...

J/ (goteeman)

Mary said...

you one smart lady- moderation os the key to making it stick :)

Harmony said...

"So, this year is not about revolutions but revelations and slow but steady growth.' ~ Perfect.

It took me close to a year AND my sister badgering the shit out of me to get fully unpacked. Something tells me that you'll get it done way before I would. LOL I try to stick to resolutions that are fun and easy..otherwise I don't do them. How lazy is that?

Kate said...

2009 was a bear of a year. I am glad to see it gone!

I don't do resolutions either. I just feel bad when I don't keep them. I did quit smoking on January 1st 2006--but I consider that a mere coincidence more than anything. :)

Best of wishes for you and Muffin in 2010. May all of those boxes be emptied!