Friday, January 8, 2010

Grooving? Groovy!

Five day work weeks suck. When one has had two short weeks and some vacation time - the regular work week is torture! To top it off - we had a couple of inches of snow last night, my daughter's school is on a delay but we couldn't enjoy the extra two hours because my workplace was hardcore following the federal government which rarely closes for anything. grrr...

Isn’t it hard to get back in the groove? I know it must be especially hard for those of you that spent the entire holiday season in their pajamas. *cough* I’ve found it tough to readjust to five day work weeks and school work but at the same time I seem to have more energy.

In the days before Muffin the holiday season was usually followed by at least two weeks of listless idleness that most call the post-holiday-let-down. Since Muffin has been on the scene I have not experienced this feeling. Maybe it’s because she gives me a sense of purpose? Maybe it’s because I look forward to the beginning of the new year as an opportunity to get squared away and organized. After all, this blog was started two years ago (on 1/13 to be exact) expressly for the purpose of documenting my organization strategy for the old townhouse with the pink carpet.

I yearn for the day when everything I own is properly stored in the right spot. Now that task seems more daunting than ever – but I’m taking this opportunity to do a serious purge of my belongings. And Muffin’s too, though she isn’t quite aware of it. I have plenty of closet space and enough furniture to make this little condo work out and I’m bound and determined to have it spit-spot by Easter.

So that’s my motivational fuel to get me back in the groove. I’ve got another post coming up concerning resolutions and stuff but I don’t really consider unpacking my house and purging my crap a real resolution. Possibly because it’s attainable? :) For now it’s my motivator and in these freezing gray days one has to take what one gets.

Has anyone else found a way to beat the January blues?


hokgardner said...

I love January. I am a creature of habit and routine, and having the kids home for 3 weeks over the holidays was hard. Not because I don't enjoy having them home, because I do - when they're not bickering - but because my routine is gone. Having the girls back in school and on routine makes life so much easier. Maybe that's just because I have so many damn kids - life would be even more chaotic without structure.

And speaking of routine - time to get The Boy off to his school. Whee!

Anonymous said...

We haven't hit school yet and I'm a SAHM so I don't really have a routine to get back into, or rather I never got out of routine. Even the kids nursery only closed for one week between Christmas and the new year.

The husband hasn't been back at work yet because he can work from home and has been this week.

I may have to instigate a routine as I am beginning to feel a bit samey!

Anonymous said...

There is only one way for me to beat the January blues--ski, ski, ski. Unfortunately the opportunities are scarce for that pastime here in Mississippi. And even more unfortunately circumstances have pushed our mostly annual trip back to February this year.

But I'm finding, like you, that my little scamp has a way of keeping those blues away in the first place.

Regarding the "organization", my wife has that issue too. Every weekend I hear "I'm paying an organizer to come help." Why she won't let me trash her junk in favor of paying a stranger to I can't quite figure. This must be a chick thing.