Monday, January 11, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up... 1/11/10

Muffin and I had a pretty laid back weekend – how about you?

Friday night we ate “special dinners” (frozen entrees) and watched Aladdin together. It was awesome to see her reaction – it was the first time she had seen it! Of course now she wants to watch it REPEATEDLY! What is up with kids and watching the same thing over and over and over ad nauseum? Oh well, it kept her occupied while I did some more unpacking and cleaning Saturday morning.

Saturday afternoon my cousin L and her son R picked us up for a play date at the mall. First both of the younguns received a haircut and poor little R did not like it one bit! As the lady was snipping Muffin’s hair we heard the wails of a very unhappy little one – turns out it was R. But, as most 16-month-olds, his mood quickly changed and he became quiet and happy once again.

After the haircuts we had lunch and then it was off to the indoor play area. I wish I had a video camera to record Muffin’s antics. She “balleted” her way all around and through the toys. She twirled, lept, performed several arabesques and generally made my heart want to burst out of my chest with love. Completely oblivious of anything but her dance. I managed to take a picture with my cameraphone – but as you can see it’s very blurry.

I’m going to pause a moment here to rant reflect on these indoor play areas at the mall. They are a FREAKING ZOO! Seriously – people completely disregard the height restrictions and send their monster children in to wreak havoc on all the tots! Muffin is just barely able to get away with playing in there and I saw a dozen older kids who should have been booted out. As if that weren’t enough – there is no law in the play area except the law of the jungle. It’s kill or be killed. There are a few parents who stay with their tiny ones but for the most part all the adults are too busy talking on cell phones or with their neighbor to monitor their children’s behavior! I saw a little boy flatten an 18-month-old right in front of his mom and she did NOTHING! He kept going and the little girl’s dad came over to pick her up and dust her off. I’m just glad Muffin is big enough to hold her own. I’d hate to go down for cutting a kid.

Whew! Anyway! After the mad house play date we went back to Cousin L’s house and while little R took a nap we watched the Lion King. It was a nice afternoon followed by a nice evening. When Muffin and I returned home I warmed up some tomato soup and we watched Beauty and the Beast. Good times, good times…

Yesterday I blew my entire monthly budgeted amount of “fun money” at Kohls. I don’t know if I love or hate that place – I am a sucker for their sales! 70% off of flannel sheet sets? AWESOME! I bought clothes for me, clothes for Muffin, clothes for the bed, a necklace and some slippers. I am insane. After my spending high we went home and Muffin “discovered” her Christmas gifts that somebody *coughmecough* had kept in the trunk of the car. What? I had no where to put the damn things! It was like Christmas all over again! She had a blast and I resumed my unpacking/cleaning. We had breakfast for dinner and Muffin VOLUNTEERED to go to bed early because “I know we are getting up early tomorrow and I don’t want to be too sleepy.” I love her. She is awesome.

Well, that’s my weekend in a rather wordy nutshell. I played more Dragon Age and made out with a video game character. Is that sad? Probably. Oh well, he has a cute accent – plus, if I play my cards right, I might get to be his Queen. Ah yeah.

Ironically, the song playing on my ipod right now is “Kiss” by Prince. Nice tie in… Adios!


Mala said...

Those kiddie play areas can be insane. The last time I went to one there was like 10 kids all going wild. And then I looked around and there wasn't a freakin' parent to be found! WTH! How did I end up being the group babysitter!?!
... So I taught them all their swear finger.
That'll teach 'em.

Muffin is too cute.

Unknown said...

Nothing sweeter than "found presents". Lucky girl.

My weekend? I grounded myself. It was the only way I could see to get my ribs to heal up enough that I could start moving without flinching.

The high point of the weekend was the Patriots loss. We have an obnoxious guy at work who thinks that Tom Brady walks on water - it was so nice to text him obnoxious comments all through the game.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a busy weekend, I'm not surprised Muffin asked to go to bed early - I feel tired just reading it all!

I hate those sorts of play areas and avoid them. You're right, too many parents don't take any responsibility for their children.

Anonymous said...

Calico, I've missed some good stuff while away from the webs for the last week. I love your rant, err, reflection on the kiddie play area. Especially love "I'd hate to go down for cutting a kid." And really, what are those dang 12 year olds getting out of the three foot slide and the tub o balls?

Love the camera shot too, I can see that she is in mid-pirouette.

Kate said...

Muffin is awesome. 'Nuff said.