Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wordy Wednesday: My unholy mess

I know some of you can sympathize with my plight. How the fuck did I wind up with so much STUFF! These first two pictures were taken the day after the movers crammed all these boxes into my new, much small than the last, home.
I love how blissfully unaware my daughter is. After all, the mess will be taken care of by Mama, right? Dammit.
Sadly, Muffin was forced to celebrate her sixth birthday among the boxes. Well, at least she made out like a bandit! Happy Birthday Muffin! Mama loves you despite the fact that you are living in a ginormous mess.

This weekend is supposed to be bitterly cold so I think I may actually finish up the main living rooms of the house and Muffin's room as well. After all, my room can remain a mess - but the Muffinator must have a peaceful retreat! Wait a minute... That doesn't sound right! :)


Unknown said...

Like you said - 'blissfully unaware'. All she really needs is you.

Logical Libby said...

When she was opening her presents did you think "damn, where are we going to put that?"

Heidi said...

Happy birthday to muffin.
I think you have that reversed, aren't you the one who need the blissful retreat?
At least your floors are vacuumed, you're one up on me.

Anonymous said...

Blimey. Good luck! Oh, and happy birthday Muffin.

Laura Marchant said...

Oh happy birthday to her!
Seriously, moving boxes suck.

Mala said...

Moving sucks!

Someone needs to figure out how to make decorating with boxes fashionable.

Oh, my daughter's room looks a lot like that (but without the boxes, but still with the clutter.. and she doesn't have th excuse that she just moved!), and she asked Santa for an air hockey table! No-to-the-frickin'-way!

hokgardner said...

That's one happy birthday girl!