Thursday, January 29, 2009

To Do List

My parents visited last weekend and helped me take an inventory of the chores that need to be accomplished before I can put this house on the market. This list includes lots of little nit picky stuff that I have lived with for the past. four. years. Shit that I never bothered to do because a) I'm lazy (duh) and b) I'm really not that picky. I mean, I can live in squalor if I need to - I spent nine years in college digs and three years on a Navy ship. I can make do.

However, these days it's apparently necessary to make the damn place pretty for the potential buyers. That means I'll be doing a bunch of little home improvement projects for the next month or so. Things like:

  • Fill in empty nail holes
  • Remove fugly wallpaper in master bath
  • use wood soap/oil on kitchen cabinets
  • polish cabinet handles/knobs
  • do some kind of landscaping in wasteland of a backyard
  • clean out closets
  • pack some shit up to make closets look bigger
  • paint, paint and paint some more
  • tidy up paint edges and touch up trim

All of this PLUS new carpet because damn - you guys have seen that crap-tastic pink carpet and there is no sane buyer in the world (much less this home market) who would invest in a home with pepto pink carpet.

Where am I going with this? Well, nowhere particularly. I just wanted to share how overwhelmed I feel. :) In addition to all the house work I'm going to have to put together a resume, find a job and find a new home too. These next six months are going to be hell exciting so be prepared for bitching and moaning.

Oh yeah - and pictures too!


Madame Queen said...

Ugh! I hate those kind of home improvement projects! I much prefer fixing up a house I'm actually going to live in. Good luck!

I am going to do the purse meme, I promise! :)

Laura Marchant said...

I would love to do a bunch of projects around the house. Most need help from the Hubs and I just feel like there is just not enough time in the week.
good luck!

Anonymous said...

Stop with the to-do lists, you're making the rest of us look bad :)
Ok, on a serious note, good luck!

ATenorio said...

Ugh, I think our home improvement to do list would blow up the blog post character maximum. My husband is all about DIY around here, but it is more like DMIYLRFSOD - do most of it yourself and leave the rest for some other day. So needless to say there are a lot of unfinished projects going on around here. Its a real thorn in my side, I should write a post about it and expose him to the whole blogosphere! I will be sure to credit you for inspiration... and when you seen the post, you will feel a lot less overwhelmed!

Unknown said...

I know, we are looking at our home with the same critical eye...but there are somethings I won't do, like repaint. :)

Same with carpet, can't you give a carpet allowance right off the bat so they can purchase and install their own carpet?

Anyway....keep up your list, you will get it all spic and span!

Tina said...

Were thinking about putting our house on the market too. But by the time i Fix it all up im sure i would want to stay in it...