Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tribute to Winston and my own cats reaction:

In my efforts to discover a perfect shot of Winston for the edification of my last post - I discovered that my own two cats had a response to the cry of Winston. Here is the video that I played on my home computer:

And here are the before and after shots of my own (old and crabby) cats. They could barely muster enough energy to turn their lethal laser-beam eyes on me! Seriously! I mean, aren't cats supposed to be the epitome of a woman? Beautiful, jealous, difficult to please and impossible to train? Am I right? Well, apparently after 14 years (not sure how many that is in "people/cat" years) they just don't give a damn. Hmmm, kind of like the Golden Girls, no?

Zephyr and Louis, minding their own business,

"What is this? Another cat in the house? Surely

"Ok, fine. I'll lick myself while you pretend indifference."

ANNNDDD.... Twenty minutes later, they have changed very little. Who could have predicted that? Yes, they are old and lazy but I love them.

(Aside - please note that the pink carpet will be the FIRST household item to be changed with my tax return? Ok? Thanks!)

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Unknown said...

pink carpet...sounds dirty but it's not.

;) I tagged you on my blog, come check it out.