Saturday, February 23, 2008

Favorite Quote from Survivor Fans v/s Faves: Ep. 3

"If I don't trust you then you can't believe a word I tell you."

Again, this comes from Cirie. She is a fountain of wisdom. However, I believe that fountain is about to run dry, as Cirie seems to be getting a little cocky for her own good. I mean, if James (who is noted for brawn - not brains) manages to catch on that she is getting above herself, she's in trouble.

I have to admit that I was sad to see Yau Man go. He's a really likeable guy and I would like to have seen him go all the way again. I can understand the strategy, but it's still sad.

On the Fan side of the house, that oaf Joel is getting on my nerves more and more. Ousting Mary was stupid, but he seems to think that he should be recognized as some great strategist. Dream on, buddy.

In other Survivor news - that rainstorm looked awful! I can't even imagine having to endure that kind of hardship. Poor Kathleen and Ami had to tough it out on Exile Island too - pure hell! This is why I like to play Survivor from my couch - no rain, spiders or physical challenges. Plus, there's no one around to contradict my ultimate wisdom! Even better! :)

Who knows what will happen next week. At least neither team is dominating - I'm glad of that. I'm sure we'll see more of Joel being an ass and more of Cirie digging her own grave but I hope they leave out more of Amanda and Ozzy making out. Barf. Incidentally - I like how Parvati and Amanda are both willing to throw their boyfriends to the wolves. Female solidarity! Too bad Ozzy is such a challenge hog - he'll make it the end based on that alone. Still, I’ve been wrong before – may someone will get smart and vote him off before he gets the chance to dominate the challenges. Nah – they never behave the way we couch players think they should! :)

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