Tuesday, February 26, 2008

ANTM is back!!

Yes, I'm addicted to silly reality shows and ANTM is one of my favorites! Last week was the premire of Cycle 10 and it was quite entertaining. If you are looking for hilarious re-caps of ANTM complete with snarky comments - please read Rich at fourfour or Potes at TWOP because they can do it way better than me. Seriously - Rich from fourfour is my hero. I <3 Rich.

(Aside - did you know that Rich from fourfour is the proud owner of Winson the cat? Don't know who Winston is? Why, he's the most famous internet cat EVER!! His videos are all over youtube and cuteoverload frequently features him as well. He's an adorable goofy fuzz-ball of a cat. Go look him up!)

So, anyway, I haven't decided if I want to do a "favorite quote" thing for ANTM. However, that chick Anya looks like she's going to provide plenty of fodder for awesome quotes... Still... I don't know... We'll see how tomorrow night's episode goes... I mean, Tyra herself is usually pretty good about throwing out ridiculous sayings! Hmm, I may be talking myself into it... Oh what the hell - it's not like I have a life! Well, not much of one anyway besides the mothering and the homework and the job and stuff. Plenty of time on my hands! Whee!

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