Sunday, February 3, 2008

Organizing the Shed Of Doom!

Wow. Ok, today I actually accomplished an organizing goal. I re-arranged my storage shed! It may not land me in any home decorating magazines (because the shed isn't part of my home) but it is a step in the right direction. Here's why: it gave me some instant "organizing" satisfaction and it also gave me more room to store crap in. YES!!

Here is a picture of the "Shed of Doom" before I decided to organized it:

Shed of Doom!!

Man, I hated going to that place. I had taken the lazy man approach of storage by just throwing new stuff in on top of old stuff. Therefore, I had no idea what was in there or even if I wanted it anymore! (Case and point - I found a pair of lovely black underpants in a piece of luggage.) So, I emptied it all out, moved the furniture bits to the back and proceeded to fill it back up.

The Blank Slate

Oh, and by the way - here is the load of crap that was in that shed. Amazingly enough - its not really that bad. It was basically sorted into two piles: "seasonal" and "Muffin-related." The seasonal stuff is naturally going to rotate. The Muffin-related stuff either needs to be re-incorporated into the household (*shudder*) or taken to the local consignment store ($$MONEY$$) Hmmm... Which direction do you think I'll take? :)


Do you know that it only took a grand total of 45 minutes to empty, sort, scientifically re-organize and replace the items in that shed? That's not long at all! The space I gained in the end made it more than worthwhile. Also, I felt sort of relaxed. Kind of - at peace. It was really quite gratifying. Here's the end product:

A Blank (?) Slate!

Ok, sure - it's not pretty. I mean, damn, the shed started off with no wall-treatment what-so-ever... Still, at least now I know where everything is.
Here's how it's laid out: at the very back is the furniture. It's going nowhere for the time being so it can stay in the deepest depths of the shed.
On the left are the "seasonal" items that will come and go according to the time of year.
On the right are all of Muffin's accessories. Some are toys that will be re-incorporated into the house. However, most are toys that will be taken to the consignment store when the time is right. Additionally, I now have an inventory of the baby toys/furniture/games/items that I have available for consignment. That way I can periodically check with my favorite store and see what they need! I feel so accomplished!! Yay me!

I'm not kidding when I said that a sense of peace enveloped me as soon as I finished. In fact, it was quite intoxicating. I was almost moved to come home and organize something else - but then I remembered it was Super Bowl Sunday and I still had a Managerial Economics test to take. Needless to say, I got over the brief feeling of ecstasy.
The good news is that I remember that feeling and I am encouraged to organize other areas of my life. Wish me luck!!

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