Sunday, February 17, 2008

Favorite Quote from Lost Episode 4.3: The Economist

"Yeah, I saw you snap that guy’s neck with that break-dancing thing you do with your legs. I think I’ll hang back here. "
Damn this series gets better and better! Also, I love Hurley and this statement proves that he’s not only funny, but smart as well.

I love the title of this week’s episode! I'm an economist (how many people can actually say that?) so I feel a certain affinity. I sincerely hope that I'm not on Ben's list because that would suck. So far, I haven’t received a special bracelet so I’m probably in the clear. Although, if I were going to be assassinated I'd prefer it be by Sayid. His gentle soul is evident by the compassion he showed for Naomi by closing her dead eyes and volunteering her body for the extra space on the helicopter. Additionally, he's always had a hard time in the romantic department. First Nadia, then Shannon and apparently he lost the love game with Elsa as well. So if I was going to be killed by someone, I'd like to know that I broke his heart in the bargain. Call me “petty.” You wouldn’t be the first.

In other Lost news... Four of the Oceanic Six have been identified: Jack, Kate, Hurley and now, Sayid. Who are the remaining two? I'm guessing Claire and Sun. Claire was seen by Desmond getting into a helicopter and leaving the island. This vision was the reason behind Charlie's noble sacrifice - so I emphatically want it to come to fruition. As for Sun, since pregnancy and the island don't mix my hope would be that she gets transported to safety before her pregnancy kills her.

Ok, this just in!! Thirty-one minutes between the payload exiting the freighter and Dan Faraday receiving it on the island! Holy Crap! Time/Space quantum physics and the full-fledged jump into science fiction? Way to go! I know that Lost has “lost” a certain portion of it’s viewers that aren’t interested in their favorite Oceanic 815 survivors entering into the realm of the super-natural - but, I am all for it! Bring it on. Bring it!! WHOOO!! The crazier and more improbable the better!

Also, bring on Ben - what the hell kind of end game is he going for? His claim to have spent his entire life on the island has proven to be false, but I guess that's to be expected. He's a liar and murderer and for some reason Sayid is working for him. What kind of hold does Ben have over our beloved Iraqi torturer? What happened on the occasion where Sayid thought “with his heart instead of his gun?” (And since when is Ben a vet?!?! I know I wouldn't trust my kitties to that lunatic! Ahem... moving on...)

Last, but certainly not least, I feel that I must address Sawyer’s soft side. I don't know if I'm comfortable seeing this level of sincerity from Sawyer. My Lost reality is based on the inherent bad-assness of Sawyer and his confession to Kate made me very uncomfortable. He wants Kate to stay with him on the island and make a future together! Awww… On the one hand, that's sweet but on the other hand, it's totally out of character. Where are the stinging barbs of wit? Where is the razor sharp logic of self-preservation? I suppose that a man has needs and in order to catch a lady he must express those needs in a way that she would find appealing but to me it was a betrayal. I’m the last person on Earth to ever give “Love Advice,” but since this is TV fiction I feel like I’m just as entitled as the next person. Sawyer: stick with what you’re good at. Sappy statements don’t suit you. It makes you look desperate (not unlike a certain 30-ish single mom in a martini bar) and it’s not a good look for you. If you truly want Kate to stay with you then prove to her that staying with you on the island is infinitely preferable to leaving the island with Jack. I’m not going to judge – but I think you must have already failed since Jack phoned up Kate in the flash-forward at the end of last season and you where nowhere to be found.

Let me just clarify that I did not find the sensitive Sawyer unattractive. However, I must say that I know what to find at the end of that road because I’ve been there. At the end of that road lies Kate knowing that she can bully Sawyer into whatever she wants. Ultimately, that means that Kate will never respect him. I’m certainly not an expert in the field of love but I do know this: Love means respect. Maybe that’s what the title of this episode was really alluding to. Economics is a science that has been proven over and over again that there is always equilibrium! In this case, you must find the amount of love that equals respect. The amount of trust that equals truth. The amount of truth that equals reality! OMG, I’m so turned on by this show.

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