Saturday, February 16, 2008

Favorite Quote from Survivor: Fans v/s Faves Ep. 2

I think we'll be receiving birth announcements from Amanda and her little "Ozzlets" she's about to have...

This one goes to Cirie and her quote about Amanda and Ozzy's "Ozzlets." I love Cirie. I loved her from Survivor: Exile Island. I love how she is afraid of leaves. I love that she had never been camping in her life. I love that she is "normal" sized and could never be considered a physical challenge threat. Most of all, I love that despite all of that - she went on to become one of the final four in Survivor: Exile Island based on the strength of her personality ALONE! She's freaking awesome.

(Aside: I read that she lost 30 pounds before coming back for Survivor Fans v/s Faves. Talk about commitment! Most people only attempt that kind of weight loss for their wedding! Way to go Cirie! I'm rooting for you!)

Joel, I'm not rooting for you. You're an ass. That's right, an ass. Your reasoning for targeting Mary may have seemed like good strategy in your head - but in reality it just proved that you're a jealous brat with a bruised ego. Seriously!! Why did you want to change up the plan and plot a vote for Mary? Why!?!? I'll tell you why - because Mickey B. thought up the plan and you didn't. That's why. Sounds like a case of sour grapes to me. You not only want to be known as the "largest" Survivor player, but the smartest as well? I've got news for you buddy. Those two titles are mutually exclusive. You can be one, but not the other. That fact was proved with your asinine decision to split up a budding relationship between your intellectual superior and his would-be partner instead of voting off the strategically obvious target. On the one hand, I despise you. On the other, I still despise you.

Wow! I channeled some serious angst there didn't I? :)

On the whole, this episode of Survivor gave us exactly what we want: a stimulating challenge (reward AND immunity!) as well as titillating social interaction. I was very entertained and look forward to bitching about future Joel antics. Yay! Someone to root AGAINST (not unlike the Presidential race)!! Cirie and Kathy's excursion to Exile Island was amusing. Amanda and Ozzy's make-out session was kind of gross. I mean, really. Am I the only one who doesn't like watching other people make-out? Eww! Love is natural and all that crap - I just don't want to see it. Especially when I'm a bitter old maid and Valentine's was two days ago. Capiche!?!

There you have it: my opinion on this week's show. I'd include more information on what actually went down, but there are already so many websites that can recap an episode better than I ever could. My desire is to merely express my opinion on this week's episode - enjoy!

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