Saturday, February 9, 2008


On the way home from Taekwondo and other errands Saturday morning, I suddenly found myself in an amusing conversation with my four-year-old daughter.

It started off innocently enough - we were talking about the 50 states and she asked me to name them all. I'm sure I failed miserably - but, whatever, it was a learning experience. I happened to mention that she had been born in Washington State and that when she was a baby we drove all the way across the country! Then, I mentioned that when I was pregnant with her I drove from Grandmama's house all the way to Washington State. So really, she'd been all over the country.

Then she asked what pregnant was. So, I sort of generalized and said it was when she was in my belly. Then she said that one day, she'd get back in my belly. Of course I said, "Uh, no you won't." Here's how the rest of the conversation went:

Muffin: But, doesn't your belly have a door on it?

Me: No. No, it does not.

Muffin: Well. That's strange, isn't it? It's big enough for me to get back inside of it.

Me: No, not really. (But thanks for that blow to my self esteem.)

Muffin: When I'm a grown up maybe I'll have a big belly.

Me: Um, sure. If that's what you want.

Muffin: And when I'm a grown up - I'm going to have great big Mipples!

Me: What? What did you say? What?!?! Mipples?


Did I mention that I'm driving the car? So, I'm flying down London Bridge Blvd and trying to peer into the back seat to see what she's talking about. What do I see? My Muffin. In a car seat. With her tiny hands cupping the air over her tiny chest and a huge grin on her face.

Of course! Mipples - the four-year-old version of breasts. That image will stay with me forever.

I probably should have been horrified but I have to admit I was tickled. At least she's got goals!


Jodi said...

Hey, at least she has goals! Mipples are VERY important! LOL!

Unknown said...

lol. that is cute!