Saturday, February 23, 2008

Inappropriate? You tell me.

My daughter is gifted with a voice that carries. She has that natural talent of projection. Seriously. Not only are Cheerleading Coaches everywhere scouting her, but Drill Sergeants everywhere are quivering because my daughter can out shout them any day of the week.

Ok, you have a good idea of what her vocal talents are like. Imagine that you’re shopping with your vocally gifted child in a store like… oh, say, Target. Imagine that your daughter, who has The Croup, coughs so violently that she passes gas at the same time. It’s hilarious but of course you can’t laugh because that would encourage future behavior of the same sort. So, instead, you chuckle silently to yourself.

Then, imagine that after you silently chuckle, your vocally gifted child make’s this announcement: “HEY MAMA!! I JUST HAD A REALLY BIG COUGH AND A REALLY BIG FART!! ALL AT THE SAME TIME!! HOW ABOUT THAT?!”

Ok, so I lost it. I laughed so hard tears where streaming out of my eyes. Well?!? What would you do?

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Unknown said...

farting is HUGE in my house...I have to admit though it is pretty funny. LOL