Monday, February 25, 2008

Favorite Quote from Lost Episode 4.4: Eggtown

"At least be woman enough to tell me you want to use me for

I am totally woman enough to tell Sawyer that I want to use him for some seriously x-rated stuff. But, alas - he was talking to Kate and not me. :( Still, I'm glad to see our favorite island bad boy back in action. I especially love how he didn't come to Kate's rescue after Locke had discovered her. Showing that once again, self-preservation is his priority. I don't blame him - Kate is the very definition of a flight risk, right? Why should he stick his neck out for a chick that's just going to up and leave?

Wow - Kate's trial. I have to say; she was looking very nice in her expensive clothes with the super trendy sunglasses. My buddy Debentropy noted that she was basically the only nice looking person in the courtroom - in her words "everyone else looked like trolls!" HA! Sad, but true. Also, now we know the "him" that Jack was referring to in last season's finale. Apparently, Jack doesn't want to see little Aaron and at the time of that particular flash forward, he hadn't changed his mind. He lost his mind, but didn't change it (seriously, Jack - the beard does nothing for you).

I have to admit that I wasn't too surprised to find out that Kate's "son" was Aaron. I don't think that the creators and writers of Lost would be so obvious as to make Jack reluctant to see the love child of Sawyer. I think his reluctance stems from knowing that Aaron is his sister's son and that he somehow had a hand in either leaving Claire behind or getting Claire killed. Of course, that means that somewhere in a future episode Jack will have to find out that Claire is his sister - but that has to happen eventually anyway.

Overall I was again pleasantly surprised by this week's episode. Not shocked by the reveal of Aaron as Kate's son - no, shocked by Locke's return to la-la land! He's officially off his rocker, once again! Yee Haw! I've always been a fan of Crazy Locke - so I look forward to more insane antics from his corner. Leaving Miles with a live grenade in his mouth is priceless! (I hope that strategy works because I want to know all about the freighter people too!)

Can't wait for this Thursday!! We finally get to see what happened to Sayid and Desmond! And, did I mis-hear or was Desmond demanding that Dan Faraday tell him about his death?!? More craziness! Yay!


Loralee Choate said...

Lost is making me simultaneously rip my hair out and stick a fork in my eye and YET I STILL CANNOT HELP BUT WATCH IT!!!!

I am weak.

Unknown said...

lol...I love your recaps.

I like the beard on Jack, sure he doesn't get the dirty sexy vote that Sawyer gets, but I like the scruffiness!