Friday, November 28, 2008

Non-Traditional Thanksgiving

So, it was my brilliant idea to have a "non-traditional" Thanksgiving in light of the fact that only a tiny portion of my family would be attending the event this year. See, I remember humongous Thanksgiving dinner parties with 20+ people but this year there would be only four of us. My parents, my daughter and me.

Instead of trying to do a half-assed version of the traditional dinner I suggested that we make hors d'oeuvres and nibble while we decorate for Christmas. It was generally well received (after all I only had to convince two other individuals) so my mom and I came up with a simple menu and that was that.

Of course, my best laid plan went quickly awry when Muffin's Dad called last Friday evening wanting to get our daughter for the weekend and few days before Thanksgiving. That meant that I would have to meet him on the night before Thanksgiving in order to have her for the holiday. We had hashed out the holiday schedule way back in September but he is a jackass "forgot" which week he was supposed to receive Muffin and therefore we had to meet the night before Thanksgiving. The busiest travel night of the year. Joy. (insert dripping sarcasm)

In addition to the lovely six and half hours spent on the road that evening, Muffin brought added fun in the form of an intestinal virus. Yep, we spent Thanksgiving - the day of eating! - in the bathroom holding back the hair of a pitiful little girl retching her guts up.

So, all in all I have to say that my goal of a "non-traditional" Thanksgiving was accomplished. Nothing like hours of traffic misery and barf to throw the "non" in your traditional Thanksgiving.

Here's hoping everyone in the blog-o-sphere had a much better time! Given the circumstances, it couldn't be hard - right? I look forward to reading all about it!


Matter Of Fact Mommy said...

hey, that last picture looks pretty traditional to me! heh, sorry, i have to be an ass. it's my job. ;)

our TG was fucking awesome. like, seriously one of the best TGs on record. i'm sorry that muffin had the virus. BB has strep if it's any consolation...

btw, my word verf = profit. weird. didn't think they used actual WERDS.

Kristi said...

That pumpkin picture was hilarious. And let's pretend that last picture was taken in my home. :)

Hope Muffin's on the mend!

Unknown said...

oh sorry it wasn't what you had planned.

Madame Queen said...

Oh no! Six and a half hours! That's awful. And poor Muffin. I hope next year's better.