Monday, November 3, 2008

Cult Movies

There are some movies, cheesy as they are, that achieve the coveted "cult" status. A cult movie is generally not a blockbuster - but it is one that you know the lines to. It's a movie that you will always watch when you see it in the guide. It's a movie that you're almost embarrassed to like. AND it's a movie that causes you to say "OMG ME TOO!" whenever someone says they like it.

This weekend I watched one of my favorite cult movies "Center Stage."

It's right up there with "Strictly Ballroom" and "The Cutting Edge" in my book. (Toe Pick!)

Among other faves: "The Rocky Horror Picture Show"(natch), "The Princess Bride," "Sleepless In Seattle," "Super Troopers" (TOO Hilarious!), "Simply Irresistible," "Amelie," and my two newest additions: "Stardust," and "The Holiday."

I wish I could define what elevates a movie to cult status for me. I have a feeling that it has something to do with personal achievement combined with a successful love affair. Things that have often eluded me.

For others, a cult movie may embody their best memories - i.e. "American Graffiti," or perhaps "Dazed And Confused." Another common theme is Science Fiction - the "Star Wars" and "Star Trek" franchises certainly have their followers. Yet another cult form is the "guy" movie: "There's Something about Mary," "Meet The Fosters," "Old School," and pretty much anything that involves Ben Stiller or Will Ferrell.

For me, a cult movie has always embodied fantasy. A perfect ending that never happens in real life.

What are your cult movies? What defines a cult movie for you? What movies capture your remote and hold it hostage? Enquiring minds want to know!


Unknown said...

i think cult movies for me are the happy endings too, but I haven't even seen half of the ones you mentioned.

some of my favorites that I watch when on...or pop in the dvd, are Jerry Maquiere (sp?), Serendipity (seems john cusak does a lot of culty movies), forget paris (love this one, it is so funny)...and hmmm, can't think of any others right now.

Madame Queen said...

I love Bring It On, the cheerleader movie. I will watch it any time it's on. Another fave for me is Shag, about the 4 girls who go to Myrtle Beach in the 60s. I'm sensing a theme here -- female camraderie. Maybe it's because I never had a lot of girlfriends.

Ooh, weird -- my word verification is one letter shy of my last name!