Friday, November 14, 2008

So Not Fair

I had to get up extra early this morning in order to meet a periodontist appointment. Normally I try and schedule any and all appointments for the afternoon time frame. That way I can say "I'm going to medical" and take the rest of the day off. I'm a slacker that way. However, apparently the perio department of the dental facility only takes "follow-up" appointments before 8AM. Dang it!

Getting up earlier sucks in many many ways. Not only am I prone to be grumpy and rushed, but my daughter is prone to dragging her feet and whining. I managed to keep my cool but I had to make a sacrifice. I knew I didn't have time to shave my legs AND fix my hair so I chose to forgo the curling iron. Before you start calling me crazy let me also add that it was raining cats and dogs outside so I felt that any hair styling would be futile anyway.

Ok, so we're up extra early, extra whiny and extra rushed. And it's raining cats and dogs. Having learned from last week mistake of wearing pantyhose and pumps during a storm I wisely chose to wear civilian clothes to work and change there. Surprisingly, I managed to get Muffin to school and make my appointment on time where Dr. Perio crowned me Queen Of The Smile proclaimed me "good to go."

By the time I pulled into my parking space it had gone from raining cats and dogs to raining hippos and rhinos. It was absolutely pouring and of course I didn't have an umbrella in my car. These circumstances lead me to discover that the back part of a poncho can be flipped up over the head in a make-shift hood. I'm sure I looked ridiculous, but that's really nothing new so I didn't care. Much.

After a long wet and whiny morning I finally made it to the office. I changed into my uniform and got to work hoping against hope that I was not the only one looking like a drowned rat. Then a coworker came into the office and said "Hey, your hair really looks good today."

Excuse me? Today, my hair looks good? Today, when it's been rained on, wind blown and haphazardly covered with a fuzzy poncho? Today? When every other day I spend at least 20 minutes trying to curl it into some semblance of a recognized hairstyle? Really? Today!?!?!

So, I guess I can forget all that prep work in the mornings from now on. Turns out Mother Nature is the best hairstylist after all! Whoo Hoo, I'm throwing out all of my products!
Err, just kidding. I paid too much for those bitches.

(picture courtesy of google images)

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Unknown said...

lmao. Thank you mother nature. ;)