Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Lessons Learned Today

*In no particular order*

1. It is not advisable to eat Activia Yogurt, a bag of prunes and a serving of figs in the classroom. One individual learned this the hard way and spent many an uncomfortable moment trying to stifle certain emissions.

2. When a person is in a position to allow aforementioned emissions free - the emissions are not forthcoming. The sneaky bastards wait until you're in class again. Dammit!

3. When putting on control top panty-hose it is possible to do a very respectable imitation of a headbanger or mosh pit thrasher.

4. When pulling up aforementioned control top panty-hose in the confines of a public restroom it is advisable not to take the headbanging too literally as it is entirely possible (even probable) that you will actually bang your head on the stall door.

5. Galoshes are "smart" shoes because they cover your feet and part of your legs. (This lesson was taught to me by a certain four-year-old in the back seat who was musing on the various types of footwear one should wear in a storm.)

6. Dress shoes and panty-hose are not "smart" attire in a storm as they allow nearly everything to get soaked. (This lesson was also taught to me by a certain four-year-old after we entered the house.)

7. Gas, panty-hose and storms suck.

Hope your Wednesday was better than mine!


Elle Charlie said...

Gas and pantyhose at the same time are brutal, especially if you've got the control top thing going on too.

Hope Thursday is better than Wednesday!

Debbie said...

Fiber is not always your friend - I don't care what the medical establishment tell you.

Unknown said...

sounds like MY kind of Wednesday, less the hose...but all the gas.