Monday, November 24, 2008

Spa + Twilight = Happy Day

Saturday morning I met with Muffin's Dad for the obligatory drop-off. It went surprising well! He was both punctual and cordial (two new developments) and Muffin went to him without tears (always nice to see). Afterwards I did a little Christmas decor shopping at Garden Ridge before keeping my appointment at the day spa.

The L'etoile Day Spa is where I normally go for a pedicure in the summertime. However, they sent an email advertising a "Winter Fresh" special that includes a 30 min massage, a cleansing facial, a bio de-tox treatment and a classic pedicure for less that $100. I thought "what the hey - I deserve it!" (I think I say that way too much - new shoes, new jacket, spa day... my checkbook needs a break.)
It was lovely. The masseuse worked out my kinks, the facial made me all glowy and my toes are now an unfortunate color of lavender. Note to self: lavender + pasty white skin = corpse feet
Perhaps inspired by my corpse feet I chose to brave a hoard of screaming young girls and attend a showing of Twilight. I've read the books, seen the previews so I admit - I was intrigued. I managed to get a really good seat with some really good popcorn and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I have to admit that the squeals and giggles punctuating every smoldering look were very amusing. It really brought me back to those days of high-emotion that defined my high school experience.
Well, maybe not these particular emotions... My high school love experience was more along the lines of "lusting from afar." Lusting for emotionally unattainable emo boys. Like this one:
Oh, the dreamy brooding boy... Yep, I'm still a sucker.

All in all, a fantastic day. I must remind myself to do this more often...


Unknown said...

good for you girl!!!

I still haven't gotten the books, a friend is going to loan them to me, but yeah, haven't gotten them yet.

1blueshi1 said...

ooh, that DOES sound like a great day! I have to admit, I have been really enjoying my Friday nights when the kids are with their dad and I can take a long, hot bubble bath ALL BY MYSELF or watch Numbers without being interrupted....numberless times!

Madame Queen said...

corpse feet -- hahahahaha!

I saw Twilight on Sunday and loved it. I wasn't really expecting to since I loved the books so much. Email me at themadamequeen at gmail dot com and I'll send you something really funny that's Twilight related!