Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Holiday Weekend Hijinks

I went to my parents house for the long holiday weekend and generally had too much fun. I drank too much, ate too much and oh, by the way, learned to knit! I have high hopes for this hobby. In my mind I have already created several adorable things for my daughter as well as set up a charity to give baby layettes to needy mothers. In my imagination I'm very generous.

Along with all the fun came a sad little incident. My daughter technically "stole" some candy. I allowed her to have a piece of left over Halloween candy after lunch and dinner but apparently that was not enough for her. My mom told me that she found empty candy wrappers in the bed that Muffin uses as well as stuffed between the couch cushions. When I confronted Muffin about it she said "I don't care."

"I don't care," with a shoulder shrug and an eye roll.

Obviously that answer wasn't what I was looking for so I sent her to her room to think up an appropriate response while I regained my temper. Why did she take the candy when she knows better? Why did she say "I don't care?" Why does she feel the need to sneak candy in the first place!

When Muffin re-emerged, appropriately contrite with tears streaming down her face, we discussed the issue of trust. I'm not entirely convinced that she was not just putting on a show for my benefit. I'm going to have to let it play out, I suppose. But I don't like it.

Meanwhile, I'll knit and purl and pray that I'm not raising a heartless monster. Maybe my selfless contributions to the needy infants will cancel out the bad karma.


Sassy Pants said...

Some of the things that come out of their mouths just amaze me. BFF told me last night she had asked her daughter to move something back three times. She finally got up to move it, looked at BFF and said "you're lucky I'm doing this." BFF is a single mom too so I'm sure you can commisserate.

Matter Of Fact Mommy said...

over the weekend, i asked my 4yr old son what he wanted for breakfast. (it had been a while since i'd been to the store, so we were short on a lot of things.) he said that he wanted waffles. "we don't have waffles." "WELL GO BUY SOME!"

kids. they are so spoiled these days.

btw, muffin is fine. i hear that girls hit their "teens" much sooner than boys... heh.

Unknown said...

it's the candy man, makes 'em do crazy ass things...DAMN CANDY...

Laura Marchant said...

Oh I have always wanted to learn how to knit. I told the hubby I wanted knitting classes for Christmas last year and he said I was nuts.