Thursday, April 17, 2008

ANTM - Where I learn what HIMYM means...

First off: Why is everyone trying to emulate ANTM and adopt their own acronym? Last night I saw a commercial for some interview show where someone said "Here I am on the set of HIMYM..." (pronounced himyim) and it literally took me about five minutes to puzzle it out. Even with a picture of Doogie Howser on the TV. Cause I'm that smart. Geeeeeezzz.... Yes, How I Met Your Mother is an incredibly long name - but that's the fault of the creators. ANTM has been around for 10 Cycles and needs every single word in it's title. I suggest that HIMYM shorten their title to "New Brittany Show" or "Doogie's Last Stand." and quit the copy-cat thing. Cause I'm a hater. (And I'm a hater having never seen the show! Amazing!)

Moving on... I'd kind of stopped giving my opinion of ANTM because the show was getting dull. Last week's recap episode was actually quite entertaining. I'm now certain that Marvita left too soon and Dominique is really a drag queen.

Anyway, this week one of my personal favorites (and picks to go far) was eliminated. :( Stacy Ann!! Cute, sweet, low-drama and decent pictures. I figured they were saving her story arc for later on, but I guess she just didn't have one! What do we know about Stacy Ann except that she's from Miami and has a stunning jaw line? Not much.

So, it looks as though the show is gearing us up for an Anya/Lauren face off. The judges love Lauren's awkwardness but can't understand her lack of presence at panel. Anya consistently delivers good pictures, her personality is "unique" (to say the least - that accent is bizarre!) and she's been winning lots of challenges.

Speaking of challenges... Freaking $10 GRAND!!! I need to lose some serious weight and get in THAT business! Ten grand for ONE photo shoot? For-Shizzle? I'm there. Sign me up for the next cycle. I know how to "squint with my eyes open," I'm "real sized," I have a kid to sob about and I can be meaner than a snake if I don't eat. I'm a winner!

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Unknown said...

I have missed all of ANTM this season...too much other tv that took over.

Too funny about HIMYM...