Sunday, April 20, 2008

Slow Cooker Sunday - Roast Beef Sammies

A couple of weekends ago I slow cooked a roast that I had purchased at Trader Joes. It was a beef roast marinated in a Cabernet wine sauce and I thoroughly enjoyed that Sunday knowing that dinner was taken care of. Therefore, today I decided to revisit the idea of Slow Cooker Sunday.

Years ago my friend Tina from Wilmington, NC introduced me to the simplest and most delicious slow cooker roast recipe. Here's the brief list of ingredients:

One beef roast (pretty much any size, though I generally use something around 1.5-2lbs)

One can/bottle of beer (today it was Corona! Could be any brand though.)

One can of beef broth

One packet of Onion Soup Mix
Sprinkle the soup mix on the bottom of the cooker, place the roast on top and pour in the beer and beef broth. Slow cook for 6-8 hours on low. Since beer acts as a meat tenderizer the roast will wind up all "fally aparty" as our family likes to say. You can literally pulling apart at the roast at the slightest glance. Mmmmm.... Savory yumminess!

Incidentally, today I'm making sandwiches (using onion rolls) so I like to use the remaining liquid as an au jous dipping sauce! For tonight's side - Lima Beans! (my absolute favorite veggie/lentil) Later this week I'll warm up the left over roast, make some risotto and add a side salad for a sophisticated mid-week meal in very little time.

Looking for a wine pair? I like either Zin or Pinot Noir. Their fruitiness is a nice complement to the earthy beef flavor. Some might prefer a more robust Merlot, but I'm not a big fan of Merlot. What can I say? Meh. Tonight I'm pairing my roast beef au jous with Lindemens Pinot Noir because I'm in the mood for Aussie! Maybe I'll even pretend that Russel Crowe is joining us for the meal (speaking of YUM)!

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