Saturday, April 5, 2008

Saturday Morning at Chez Bebop

Joined in bed at 6am by squirmy four-year-old with cold feet. (please note, for some reason aforementioned four-year-old gets up one hour earlier on the weekends. Much to the horror of her mother)

Stagger to coffee pot, flick switch.

Stumble to computer, press "on" button.

Shuffle back to kitchen and fix breakfast for bright-eyed, bushy-tailed preschooler.

Pour large mug of coffee and carefully make way back to computer to check email, visit blogs, check weather, etc.

Bouncy little girl asks "Hey, Mama - how about a movie?"

Mama replies "Hey, Muffin - how about your coloring books instead."

Listen to bored little girl complain. Bored little girl can't find crayons (which are right in front of her). Bored little girl notes with despair that her pencils need sharpening. Bored little girl wanders off in search of pencil sharpener. Returns without sharpener, yet inexplicably wearing green mardi gras beads. Apparently, fashion accessories are necessary at 6:30am.

Gulp the first mug of coffee, return to coffee pot for refill, make way to shower. On the way to shower direct busy little girl to stay out of trouble and not kill herself.

After shower, ponder whether applying lotion will add ounces at the WW meeting. Decide to skip lotion.

Belatedly realize that wet hair will most likely add ounces at WW meeting. Damn.

Eye the make-up bag and wonder if a little powder will add ounces. Decide to risk it for the sake of humanity.

Drop hair accessory in mug of coffee. Damn.

Pull on capris for the first time this year. Rejoice!

Layout clothes for trendy little girl and holler request for her to get dressed.

Debate which pair of cute shoes to showcase at WW meeting. Settle on new peep-toed summer heels.

Shoo wild-haired little girl into bathroom for a good brushing. Pony-tailed little girl is then instructed to find shoes.

Realize that it's raining and worry that cute shoes may be ruined. Opt for sturdy Privos instead.

Pour out hair-accessorized coffee, grab purse, grab child, turn off coffee pot, turn on car and head for WW.

All before 8:00am!!!

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