Friday, April 4, 2008

Survivor's Back (finally!)

Man, waiting for one week to watch Survivor again is tough - but the wait for Lost is EXCRUCIATING! Ugg! Clearly I need a hobby.

So, favorite quote this week is from the ever awesome Jeff Probst:

How about first you give immunity back? How about

I love him. He does not pander to the survivors. In fact, I'd say that next to the weather and the challenges Jeff is the biggest source of torture for the contestants. He's ruthless. Grrr.

Know who else I love? James.

He's a funny dude. I'm not sure how he manages it, but nearly everything that comes out of his mouth is entertaining. And he's not bad to look at either. Also in his favor, he goes shirtless alot. ALOT. I can't blame Parvati for latching onto his big muscular guns. He's definitely the bread winner. Not only that - but the man can open beer bottles with his TEETH! TEETH!!! Seriously - I've never seen this feat completed successfully. Oh, I've seen several foolish boys attempt it over the years - but they usually come away with a bloody mouth and/or missing teeth. James - you are the man.

Parvati may actually have a brain rattling around that vacant head of hers. She began to cultivate relationships with the two Airai girls in an effort to solidify a voting block. Not bad, not bad. I would have tried to draw in Eliza since she's a Favorite too, but Parvati evidently finds her distasteful. Too bad, I kind of like Eliza. Bug-eyed, shifty and outspoken, she's an appealing reality contestant. It's a shame that Penner couldn't have made it further - they were two peas in a pod.

Other items of note:

Jason clubbed a rat and they ate it. Not since the very first season have contestants resorted to eating rats. I gotta say, I was a little nostalgic. *sniff*

Jason tried to sass Jeff Probst. Har-dee-har-har-har. If you are truly a fan or this show you would know that if you mess with J.P. you will get burned.

Erik schemed his way into the Favorites. Not a bad bit of scheming either! He saw opportunities and went for them. His relationship with Ozzy and wide-eyed innocent appearance probably did a lot of the work for him, but whatever - he didn't get voted off, did he?

Ami had a teary Tribal appeal that fell on deaf ears. Let's face it Ami, like the Godfather - if you cross Oz you will be terminated. All it took was the slightest hint that you might have voted against him. That's it, you're out! This just proves that Ozzy is the leader doesn't it? I mean, the girls were fine with keeping Ami and voting off Erik until Oz put in his two cents. At least Ami was a good sport at the end.

Well, next week is the merge and I'm excited. I love the scene where Eliza points out to Jason that his HII is just a stick. AWESOME! Although, I would love to see a repeat of last season where Jaime handed over the fake and Jeff tossed into the fire. Especially since Jason appears to be a complete ass. Still, you never know. He might not take the word of a former contestant and try to play the stick anyway. Guess we'll see!

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