Sunday, April 13, 2008

What's your line-up?

I have a question. Which websites, and in what order, do you visit in the morning? I'm curious because I have found that I am spending an increasing amount of time checking my favorites.

In the beginning, I would only check my various email accounts. Then, I started checking other more entertaining sites. Now it takes me nearly 45 min to check in on all the sites I'm interested in. And that doesn't include the sites I save until lunch time! Often, I'll save my favorite blog sites to read while I'm eating lunch. It makes me feel like a "lady who lunches" with my virtual high society friends. :) In addition, I generally save my "recap" websites for lunch as well since I prefer to savor them over a hot cup of soup rather than bolt them along with some yogurt.

Now I'm curious. What sites do you consider "must read" first thing in the morning. What site can linger until lunch time? What sites do you periodically check back on throughout the day?

Here's my line-up:


Email sites: Hotmail, Yahoo, G-mail, Ureach (don't ask about the last one. I had to establish it at OCS because they didn't allow access to outside email. ???)

Cute sites: Cute Overload, Lolcats, Loldogs, Lollost (I need a pick-me-up first thing in the morning. Cute critters are better than coffee.)

Entertainment sites: EW, Buddytv, People, US, IMDb, io9

Random sites: Blogger, Netflix, Bank, WW,, LILEKS, Blackboard (that's for school)

Lunch: Television Without Pity, TVgasm, TV FunSpot, email, Blackboard and lots of blogs... See blogroll to the right and then go to those sites and visit THIER blogroll. I find myself wandering all over the web.

Sites I check back: Mostly entertainment, school and email sites but sometimes I'll run back through a few blogs to see if anyone had an afternoon epiphany. :)

That's it for me! What about you?


Unknown said...

big brother spoiler site
friend's the day goes on, I try to visit once a day...TRY!!

oh and weight watchers as well...

I think that is it.

Mr Lady said...

I am pathetic. The only websites I ever EVER look at are Gmail and blogs. That's it.

Incidentally, my husbands ex girlfriend founded Television Without Pity, in case you were looking for a 6 degrees of Separation there. :) (And don't think her autographed book on my bookshelf doesn't glare at me ever stinking day.)