Friday, April 4, 2008

This just in: Friday Funk Cured by Baa-zan-ya!

I've been in a funk all week so for me this Friday wasn't something to be all TGIF about. Grump. grump, grump.

This week was a downer. I had multiple confrontations with people at work (And I'm SOOOO non-confrontational). I had confrontations with people outside of work (Muffin's Dad and the evil helpful lady at Muffin's Taekwondo class). I even had confrontations with my virtual student peers! Can't a girl catch a break? It's enough to make me want to buy a big bottle of wine and drown my sorrows.

Alas, being the only responsible adult I know within a 50 mile radius, I need to behave myself look after the Muffin. She was kind of a pill earlier this week - right after her visit with dad - but that's worn off. In fact, let me elaborate on the highlight of my week - and I mean this sincerely!

Lately, Muffin has been playing the "I want my Daddy" card. I'm not sure if parents who are together experience the same pang, but separated parents see this as a personal attack. Part of me recognized that Muffin was trying to imply that her Daddy would let her do something I had forbidden but still, it hurt to hear that my little girl would rather be with her dad.

Tuesday evening, she refused to eat her vegetables. She said she wanted her daddy. Repeatedly. So, I called Daddy. They had a brief and teary (on her side) conversation. Afterwards, she handed the phone back and I tried to explain, in a nonchalant way, that I wasn't being a meanie - she was being unreasonable. He agreed! He said that when she was at his house she asked for ME on several occasions when he refused her something or told her to do something she didn't like. I was so relieved. I can't even tell you.

Anyway, that brief conversation made my Tuesday. Sadly, the rest of the week went downhill but today Muffin more than made up for it.

I noticed, as I was buckling her into her booster this afternoon, that there was spaghetti sauce all over her khaki pants. Here is the ensuing conversation:

Me: Let me guess. You had spaghetti for lunch today.
Muffin: No. I had baa-zan-ya.
Me: Lasagna? You had lasagna for lunch?
Muffin: No, Mama. I had baa-zan-ya. Buh, Buh, Buh. B for Baa-zan-ya.
Me: Oh, of course.

(insert shiny happy grin)

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