Tuesday, April 15, 2008

No, really. It's not me, it's you.

Alternate title: Why I hate being a manager.

It's people. I hate managing people. I don't mind work, however I do mind personnel problems.

If only I could come to work after two glasses of wine... I love people after two glasses of wine! Alas.

Since being the Equal Employment Officer is one of my collateral duties, I'm not supposed to share what happened today. Suffice it to say, someone with a long history of "not playing well with others" is about to make yet another EEO complaint. This time against me. Yay! Little do they know, I don't give a shit. And I mean that in the nicest way possible. Actually, no I don't. Here is what I refrained from saying today:

Dear crazy misguided employee. I know that you have been shuffled around more than Brittany Spears's kids. That's because nobody likes working with you. You are mean, agressive and then there's that tendancy to blow the old EEO whistle whenever you don't get your way. I realize that you feel as though everyone here hates your guts so I have some advice for you - find another job. Pronto.

Instead, I said "Thank you for your lovely input. I assure you that we will have a meeting with the Chief of Staff at his earliest convenience."

Oh yeah, and my neck turned red. Way to play the cool card, right?

On a better note - the weather is lovely here today! And tomorrow I'm hosting a bake sale for the Christmas Party! I'm making...

wait for it...

MUFFINS!! :) natch.


Unknown said...

"natch" or "snatch" ? lol

love your alternative letter to employee...however you are right in sending the second of the two. I am sure the dripping sarcasm was enough to make a point. ;)

Laura B. said...

good greavy...no way I could sit and listen to all that and still be nice to their face. Bless your heart!