Sunday, March 30, 2008

Retail Carnage

I always have mixed feelings whenever Muffin goes away. I mean, it's nice to sleep in and all that - but I miss my little sidekick. Not only does she make my heart swell with her adorable cuteness - but she keeps me out of trouble. Seriously. Have you ever tried to go shopping for clothes/shoes/home-improvement items/anything except toys with a preschooler? My checkbook starts to quiver when Muffin goes out of town because it knows. It knows that a major hurting is about to be flung upon it.

Take yesterday: I drove all over creation and spent money in a gucci-hippy grocery store because I was bored! Today, I chose to have a two margarita lunch with girl friends and then go shoe shopping. It was retail carnage. Here's a snapshot of my spoils:

What? You want me to model the shoes? Ok! (blush) But only because you asked! I simply request that you excuse the pink carpet. As usual.

These are the adorable summer pumps that I intend to wear with flirty skirts (not yet bought) and cute capris!

These are divine snappy summer sandals with a load of bling. I have a great sundress from last year that these will pair nicely with.

Here are a sweet pair of gray patent peep-toes that I bought for my future life as a corporate business monkey.

And the coup de gras! Chocolate Brown SnakeSkin Pointy Toed Heels!!! EEEEE!!! So sweet! So divine! And I'm sure they will couple well with any suit I buy for my future life.

Of course, at this time I'm still wearing the traditional barf-khaki uniform and requisite black shoes everyday at work - but a girl can dream, right? Soon I'll transition into the civilian world and my shoes will be ready to go to work. Maybe they can find me a job!


Tootsie Farklepants said...

Okay I love all your shoes! Btw, nice legs sistah!

I like what you've done with your space here!

Unknown said...

those are some CUTE shoes.

So with my recent weight loss I went on a shopping trip to find jeans that didn't fall off of my ass...after many trips to the dressing room, I was not successful. I headed to the shoe department and found a cute pair of red heels (I never wear heels), they were on clearance. I bought those suckers. Felt great. Wore them out the next night for my girls night out. I felt hot. It's amazing what a shoe will do for ya.

calicobebop said...

Yes, shopping for jeans is a drag. Even though I'm losing weight, I want to be much smaller than I really am! Shoes are much safer. :)