Sunday, March 23, 2008

Cool Water makes for a Hot Bebop

Have you seen this commercial?

Holy Gratuitous Hair Tossing Batman!!

I was out shopping and happened to be passing a display of televisions when this commercial came on. I admit, I stopped and stared. At first I thought they were playing some kind of advertisement for Lost, but it appears that Josh Holloway has loaned his name to Davidoff.

As cheesed out as this commercial is, I still find myself enraptured by the hotness that is Josh Holloway. That scene where he does the butterfly stroke (a swimming form for those of you as dirty minded as I am) I could stare at his shoulders for days. It's interesting to note that the token female strongly resembles Kate from Lost. Except she's wearing a see-through nightie that I'm pretty sure Kate wouldn't touch with a ten-foot pole. Anyway, watch and enjoy. If there were a Mr. Bebeop in my life I'd buy him some Cool Water based on this commercial alone.

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Stacie said...


I do love Cool Water. :D