Friday, March 7, 2008

Favorite Quote from Lost 4:6 The Other Woman

"It's very stressful being an Other, Jack."

Juliet is the queen of deadpan. If you follow the show, then you can cite as many references as I can to affirm this fact. In this particular quote, Juliet had been explaining to Jack that the mystery woman in the rain used to be her therapist, Harper. Harper was apparently married to Goodwin, who was actually Juliet's lover. So, the title of this week's episode could refer to either Juliet as the adulteress or to Harper as the mystery woman. Either one will do for me since I'm not picky when it comes to Lost tidbits.

(Aside - is it me or did Harper look like Rachel Ray? Except way more evil and bitchy. Maybe it was the hair...)

I can't say that Juliet has been a favorite character of mine. I mean, all my favorite characters are men because I love me some shirtless hotties. I'm shallow that way. However, despite the fact that she isn't a shirtless hottie, Juliet is pretty entertaining. Not only is she the queen of deadpan, but she's an Other! Exactly how many episodes have we seen that center on an Other? That one with Ben? Where he goes psycho and murders everyone? That's about it, right? So it's nice to see what life was like in Otherville before the arrival of flight 815.

Turns out life in Otherville was pretty normal - if you discount the fact that they were stuck on a mystical island and ruled by a homicidal maniac. Exactly how homicidal and maniacal Ben will turn out to be has yet to be determined. My guess is that, on a scale of 1 - 10, he'd end up being way off the chart - like around 4,815,162,342 or something like that. That's just a rough estimate.

The scene where Ben took her to see Goodwin's body expresses his insanity perfectly. He showed her the scene, then (after a brief dialog) screamed "YOU ARE MINE!" which was followed calmly by "Take as much time as you need." I had goosebumps. He's a scary scary man and, thanks to Locke, he's on the loose again! Apparently, he persuaded Locke to allow his freedom in exchange for the identity of Ben's operative on the freighter. Once more we are taunted with the identity of Ben's operative on the freighter! Whoever it is, it convinced Locke - but then, Locke is the kind of guy who talks to ghosts and expects the island to tell him what to do. Weirdo.

Now, I know that there are a bunch of rumors floating around that Ben's Operative will be Michael, but do you really want to see Michael back? I don't. I don't give a damn about Michael. You know who I would like to see back? Boone!! (If only to add to the ranks of shirtless hotties!) Plus... Remember how Boone was kind of a little "Locke-in-training?" Which person do you think is more likely to convince Locke to set Ben free? Michael or Boone? Methinks Boone. The island can regenerate people, right? Pie in the sky, I know - but a girl can dream.

So, what's up with Penny's Dad being the ultimate bad guy? That just doesn't ring true for me. I'm not sure why, but my instincts are telling me that this is yet another of Ben's red herrings. Another little slice of light that Locke is hoping will illuminate the mystery of the island. I would feel bad for Locke except he's bringing all of this on his own head. Ben's endgame is too complex and far-reaching for Locke to interpret and overcome. Especially since Ben knows exactly how to push Locke's buttons and Locke doesn't even know where Ben's buttons are located. After this episode, my guess is that Ben's buttons might have something to do with Juliet - but I find it hard to imagine that he has any heartstrings to play upon.

Where does that leave us? Well, next week is the infamous Episode 7 where all the Oceanic Six are revealed. Thus far, only four have been overtly revealed - and I say "overtly" because I wouldn't put it past the writers and producers of Lost to try and pull a fast one on us. Also, Desmond has made contact with Penny which will most likely lead to, at the very least, another rescue ship for the 815 survivors. (Maybe on the down-low. Know what I mean?) Ben is free and able to do his worst - thanks to the ineptness of Locke. And speaking of Locke - he's left Miles with a grenade in his mouth! And Claire wants to see him! What do you think she'll say to Locke's hospitality? I'm guessing it won't be favorable.

My thoughts: At first I was inclined to say Juliet would be one of the Oceanic Six! But.. She wasn't on the manifest so that would never fly. :( I still believe that Sun will be one of the six in deference to her pregnancy. So, Who Is The Final Person?

Obviously not Claire (since Aaron was given over to Kate), probably not Jin (just a hunch), and most likely not Bernard or Rose (haven't seen much of them lately). Sawyer? I just can't see it. Locke? HELLZ NO! That man wants to stay on the island more than any of the other survivors. This is an off-the-wall guess but I'm going to say that one of the members of the Oceanic Six is actually Ben's Operative. I know it sounds "iffy" but the guy on the freighter has to be someone that the 815 Survivors will trust or Locke wouldn't have set Ben free - right? Well, that's just my opinion. (I hope it's Boone!) Drama will unfold next Thursday! See you there!

(edit: My sister would prefer to see Mr. Eko as Ben's Operative on the freighter. I'm down with that! In my mind, the island did away before his time. That voice! That physique! rawr!)

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would I sound like a broken record if I said that I love your recaps? yes? OH WELL.

I love hearing your insight on the show...but just as the questions keep piling up, I can't remember any of my theories after reading yours.