Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Getting back on the horse

I've been a card carrying member of Weight Watchers since December of '06. I joined in a last ditch effort to lose the baby weight I had become so comfortable with. My initial goal was just to lose weight, but eventually I decided that I'd like to develop a more healthy lifestyle, not only for me but for Muffin too. I still have these goals but so far the follow-through has been pretty sorry.

By the end of last summer I weighed about as much as I did pre-pregnancy and I loved it. I bought a bikini, I went to the beach and the water park almost every weekend! I had cute clothes and I felt my confidence soar. Sometime at the end of August I decided to take a little break from all the effort of losing weight and well, let's just say that the break extended to last Friday, 21 March 08.

For some reason I lost all motivation during the autumn of '07. This lack of motivation extended through the holiday season and eventually turned into a form of dread. I had two weeks off over the holidays and I completely lost my marbles, weight-management wise. I ate like a crazy person, drank wine almost every evening and did absolutely no exercises what-so-ever. I wore sweat pants and sweat shirts as well as bulky outerwear in an attempt to disguise myself but it didn't curb my habits. I vowed, resolutely, to put an end to the mania at the beginning of '08.

Of course, that didn't happen either. There always seemed to be some excuse or some reason to put off going back on the plan. I think I was subconsciously dreading that first weigh-in that would tell me how much I'd gained since last summer. I tried to make the WW plan fit into my current lifestyle to no avail and that honked me off. I mean, I knew I had bad eating/drinking/exercise habits but didn't want to blame myself for them!

Finally, I had to have a little come-to-Jesus meeting with myself. It wasn't pretty but I finally determined that if I want to recapture that feeling of self confidence I had last summer some changes had to be made. First - I needed to go to WW and get back on that scale. That scale is the scariest thing to a dieter. I dreaded stepping on it and having the results printed off and put in my little book. Know what, it didn't happen!

Nope, I got there and presented my little WW card (because, yes, during all the months that I wasn't going to meetings or following "the plan" I was still paying my monthly membership fees. Call it penance) and they had no record of me!! I got to start fresh!!! Talk about dodging the bullet! So, I'm effectively starting at week one and that's fine by me.

Added bonus - I checked my old weight card and I'm only one pound heavier than I was this time last year. That means my goals are attainable! I can't even express how relieved I am. My bikinis from last summer had better watch out!

Step two is going to involve changing our eating habits. Muffin is going to her daddy's this weekend so I'll have some time to get a plan together. Ultimately, I want to set her up with a good foundation to build on. I want our little family of two to be happy and healthy. We'll get there. Eventually.


Tootsie Farklepants said...

You should get some kind of refund if you've been paying all this time and they have no record of you! Or not. I dunno. It sounded right in my head when I thought it, now it looks weird typed out.

Having an attainable goal is a big motivator! Good for you!

Anonymous said...

Good for you! Good luck and just keep at it. And yeah, if they have 0 record of you then you should get some kinda refund! I agree with tootsie...

Unknown said...

GOOOD LUCK, I am sure you can do it again.

I, too, am on Weight Watchers (hello, my name is Stacie).