Monday, March 17, 2008

Catch up...

Until yesterday I had been on a week long vacation - most of which was spent in my hometown with friends and family. Unfortunately, that means that I wasn't able to blog after seeing my favorite shows. In fact - I still haven't seen America's Next Top Model from last week! (My DVR is quivering in anticipation, I'm sure.) That doesn't mean that the world can escape my opinion, however. So, without further ado, here are my brief thoughts on Survivor and Lost:

Survivor - Chet you are a useless piece of baggage. If you had decided to man up and stick around for one more immunity challenge you could have had the satisfaction of being part of one of the biggest ousters in the history of Survivor (after the James in China with TWO hidden immunity idols, of course). Sadly, you couldn't make it. However, in your defense, at least you blew the whistle on Ozzy and the idol! Sure, he denied it - but now the truth is out there. Ok, that's all I've got to say about Survivor.

Lost - Damn it Lost! Must you always screw with my head!!! (don't get me wrong - I'm totally into the head screwing thing, I just have to put up a token fight).
Wait. First off let me vent about primetime television programming. I had the rare good fortune of being able to watch two of my favorite TV shows with a fellow fan and best friend. But GUESS WHAT? There's some kind of basketball playoffs going on! Really? WHO CARES! So, I wound up watching Survivor with Debentropy and then both of us took great pleasure in cursing stupid sports fans everywhere. It was fun, but not as much fun as watching Lost. Which I didn't get to see until last night. But, whatever.
Ok, sad as the ending was, am I the only one who was glad Jin wasn't part of the Oceanic Six. Not that I have anything against him (after all, he looks FANTASTIC without his shirt) but how fair would that be? Everyone else makes some big sacrifice or goes crazy while Sun and Jin get to set up a happy house? I was waiting for the other shoe to drop throughout the episode - and it did in the brilliant (if tricky) application of a flash-forward AND a flash-back.

Moving on, I was happy to see Bernard - haven't seen him or Rose in a while. The reveal of Michael on the ship was kind of anti-climatic given all the leaks - but, the non-verbal exchange between him and Sayid was kind of cool. Capt Gault telling Desmond and Sayid that Mr. Widmore was the driving force of the expedition was interesting. Like Sayid said - he was surprisingly forthcoming. Still, we are left to wonder about the verity of his words given the Operative's (Michael?) message.

Overall, a good episode. I was more emotionally involved with the Desmond/Penny episode but it's nice to know that Sun's baby is ok. I guess we'll see what happens with Jin. The tombstone indicated that he died on the date that the plane crashed but I don't know if that means he's alive or if they just listed the date of the plane crash as his date of death. I have to say, the biggest surprise for me was finding out that there is another episode next week! I thought we were about to hit a dry spell or something.

So, I had more to say about Lost than Survivor. Sue me. A final question: Have all of the "Oceanic Six" been unveiled? Or is there one more? How can Aaron be one of the six if he wasn't "technically" on the manifest? Doc Jensen at EW thinks that all of the six are accounted for and that Aaron is an official member. He feels that the media would just label them all "Oceanic Six" and worry about the details later. I feel kind of sad about that. :( What does that tell us about Michael/Kevin and Walt? Are they off the radar now? Presumed dead and secretly working for Ben? I guess we'll have to wait and see!

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Unknown said...

I missed you, I was wondering where you were ;).

Survivor ... AMEN SISTA. He is a worthless piece of shit and well STUPID. AS much as I didn't want to see Ozzy go, it would have been one of the greatest moves. He (Chet) could have gone out as a great move maker instead of the pansyass that he is.

Lost...seriously. The flash forward AND flash back just confused the heck out of me, but that IS why I keep coming back. I like confusion...obviously.

Glad you had a good vacation...and glad you are back ;)