Friday, March 7, 2008

Favorite Quote from ANTM 10:3


"Feel my booty. FEEL MY BOOTY!"
(I love this quote because it's exactly what I say - verbatim - when I've had too much to drink)
Oh yes, Tyra is back. For those of you who, like me, were a little concerned that the ferocious beast that is Tyra Banks had somehow been tamed - this episode was a big relief. In fact, I could even go as far as to say that it was like giving a shot of tequila to an alcoholic. (See what I did there?) Essentially, she congratulated herself on discovering the best look for the modelettes and voted off the person who didn't thank her for it. If that's not classic Tyra Banks, I don't know what is.

That being said... It's MAKEOVER time! This cycle, Tyra wanted to "keep it real" and in keeping with that theme she didn't reveal what she was going to do to each modelette until they were strapped to a stylist chair. On the one hand, it's kind of fun to watch surprise makeovers, on the other Tyra is a sadistic asshole isn't she? Some makeovers turned out good (Aimee, Amis and Laura) and some turned out horrible (Anya? What was up with that hair color?!?!). There's usually a shaved head each cycle (Claire) and this time there were plenty of weaves! My personal favorite: Marvita - who's look Tyra designed herself! A horsetail weave! Tyra is pure genius. Just ask her.

Fatima went with the traditional "my weave hurts" sympathy bid. But seriously, after watching Jael from cycle eight get a weave put in only to find it looks like crap and have to take it out again? You get no sympathy from me Stick Girl! Additionally, Ms. Jay had makeover of his own as well as an "after" photo shoot just like the rest of the girls. Honestly, it was the highlight of the entire process.

Moving on, there was a photo shoot with Elle Macpherson!! Where the hell did they get a real model? OH, I forgot - Elle was shilling for her line of underpants - that's why she's on there. For a moment my reality was rocked. (By the way, didn't you love how Elle calls panties "knickers?" That is so cute.) Overall the photo shoot was alright. It certainly made me put down the fork - I mean nothing is less appetizing than watching 20-ish waifs model lingerie. I should save this episode for that reason alone...

So, I had a feeling that something was going to happen to Allison when she kept insisting that her photo-shoot went well. This type of reverse-foreshadowing is typical in reality shows. You can pretty much bank on a person going home after they just insisted that they would be the last one standing. Here's another indication that a person is going home: they have much much more camera time than the rest of the crew. Frankly, after that business with the dolls (Barbies? Seriously?) I was ready to see the back of her. She's bitchy - but there are other more entertaining bitches in the house I'd rather watch. Plus, the make over made her look like Eva Longoria - am I right?

Panel was delicious. Tyra brutalized Katarzyna's name at least three times. Stacy Ann was accused of being Paula's black love child. Lauren was called out for being beautifully awkward (Holla! We awkward girls salute!) Last but not least, Domonique's cellulite was captured on film. I love how Paula referred to cellulite as "juicy bits." She's beginning to grow on me. Who the hell knows what will happen next week - I can only assume that a bitch fight will be occur. Praise Tyra and bring on the bitches, I mean beauty!

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