Thursday, May 15, 2008

Segue to drama

Let me start off this post with a huge shout-out to my newest favorite reality tv-dramedy... Viva Hollywood. The drama is simply majestic. I can't even find words to describe this fantasy of passion and betrayal.

Aside: I've often told Sissy, my older sister who lives with me, that I watch the Hispanic cable station for the drama. What this says about me, I'm not sure I want to know - but it's so true! The telenovela has the corner market on drama!

On top of the drama - they've got super awesome period costumes. It's absolutely fantabulous. The best part about this show, aside from the drama, is the drinking. It's absolutely marinated. And I love it! By the way, for the record, I don't speak Spanish - I just wish, really hard, that I could so that I could fully embrace the telenovela experience. *sigh*

So, speaking of drama... did I mention my daughter's irrational fear of public toilets?

No? Well, let me elaborate... In truth, it's not really the public potty that's the problem - it's the automatic flushing mechanism. She was spooked a couple of years ago during the potty training phase and has since associated all public toilets with a scary noise. Flash forward to our trip to the local Wawa today...

(btw, Wawa is the best gas station/convenience store ever built. Three words - Free ATM Service. Need I say more?)

So, we were inside looking for something to drink and, naturally, Muffin decided she really had to go to the bathroom. We take a detour to the Wawa's impeccably clean restrooms and Muffin does her business. I'm rooting through my purse for some lipstick when suddenly the toilet flushes. Loudly. And Muffin come screaming out of the stall (pants around her knees) at high speed.

"The loud potty hurt my feelings!" she screams. I hug and comfort her - to no avail. She's basically inconsolable. Not even the 16 oz Wawa double chocolate milk will make it right. And you know what? At this point, I really should have known better. There I was, more concerned with my lipstick than ensuring that her potty experience would be stress free.

Ka-Ching! Do you hear that? Yet another dollar contributed to the therapy fund.


Matter Of Fact Mommy said...

while i don't watch the telenovelas and stay away from most reality shows - hey, i have a blogging habit that already keeps me up later than my tired body and brain can handle! - i can totally identify with kids being afraid of loud noises. and not MY kids, but my brother (who's going to be 35yrs old this year)... we had a heater/fan in our bathroom growing up. he was SO AFRAID of that thing! granted, it was an old house that was haunted and creeked and cracked a lot... but that heater/fan! it glowed red, and it made a loud whirrrring sound. if public toilets flushed themselves back then? he would have been afraid of them too. ;)

calicobebop said...

Oh my God - it was the devil heater! That would have scared the pants off me too!

Madame Queen said...

Why DO they make those toilets so frickin loud? Most children I know are terrified of them. I smell a conspiracy by the pull up makers and the toilet makers!!