Friday, May 9, 2008

Enchanted? Not so much.

I put this movie in my Netflix queue because I thought Muffin and I would be able to enjoy it together. Boy, was I ever wrong! Who knew!

Apparently, it's 100% acceptable for the wicked witch in Sleeping Beauty to transform into a dragon and wreak havoc upon all mankind. And yet, when her "real life" counter-part attempts the same - all hell breaks loose.

Calicobebop's review:

This movie is cute and charming. I admire the cast of charcters (Dr. McDreamy and dude from 27 dresses). The integration of real-time and animation was inspiring (better than Who Framed Roger Rabbit!). I am especially inspired by the "love conqures all" theme. I believe that it's something all young women should live by.

Muffin's review:

I'm done. Is this over yet? I don't like this. Is there pop-corn? I'm scared. That lady is scary. Mama, that lady is evil.

End result: My daughter, traumatized yet again. I'm beginning to despair of us ever watching a movie together that isn't animated. Thank goodness I love Disney!

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Unknown said...

lmao...even my 7 year old wasn't thrilled with the movie, but I liked it. :)

It is like a fairytale for us "older" kids. :)