Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day Vacation

I'm in my parents house listening to them convert my brother to their religion of choice - the blood-type diet. (They are retired, they need something to occupy themselves with...) They've tried to convert my sisters and I, but we're too stubborn (and frankly - I love tomatoes! I'm not giving them up!). My brother is sounding interested and has just stated that he would like to buy the book. Congratulations Mom and Dad, you've witnessed another convert!

Yes, I'm home in NC again. I'm not spending the whole week here, just staying until Wednesday and then it's back to my real life. My brother is visiting from Texas and yesterday my Mom had all of her children along with her one, very special, grandchild together for Mother's Day. It's too bad the gift didn't arrive. My poor brother did a lot of research to find the perfect watch for Mom and when he placed the order in FEBRUARY they said it would get here in plenty of time. Whoops, they were wrong. Assholes.

Still, she seemed to be happy that we were all together. Actually, after a whole pitcher of margaritas Mom was pretty happy in general. We went out for Mexican after getting our picture taken. Oh yes, we had our picture taken. Because this is a once in a lifetime event and it's been 20 years since the last family portrait. Mom asked us all to wear a navy blue top with blue jeans. It turned out pretty well! My elder sister recommended the "beach scene" background and with our casual attire we really swanked it up.

Is that a word? Swanked? Well, we did. Here's the picture to prove it - check out Ms. Bebop herself - lounged in front with a very sassy look on her face. Mee-ow!

(Also, please note that I am the only Hispanic looking member of the family. That's because I insisted on my Mystic Tan. I'm an addict. What else can I say? But hey - I've got good color!)

Ha, ha! Famblee! (Hmmm, if you haven't been raised on the George C. Scott version of The Christmas Carol, you probably don't know what I'm talking about... Go rent it next Christmas!)

So, the point of this post? Mother's Day is special. Treat her like a queen. Even if that means you're the only Hispanic-looking "child" in the grouping.


Madame Queen said...

What a great family picture! Glad you had a nice day.

Matter Of Fact Mommy said...

how awesome for you to have been able to be with your siblings and both of your parents on mother's day! not to get all boo-hoo-hoo on you, but i would LOEV to be able to do this... my bro lives 3000 miles away, my sister has her own life, and lives 1500 miles away. i always have to deal with my a-hole inlaws on every holiday because they're here. unless, of course i wish to travel long distances for great amounts of money with a 4yo and a 2yo. NOTHANKYOU!

happy mother's day! ;)

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Sounds like the perfect day.