Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Revelations- but not in the Bible sense...

I have to thank Stacie and Madame Queen for confirming what two moms I accost with fervent chatter chat with at Muffin's dance class told me last night: I am not a crazy woman.

Well, not crazy in the "I'm so crazy I wear my toaster on my head" sense of the word. Just a little "mom" crazy. Like most people.

To be completely honest - I've actually gotten better in the crazy department! Oh yes, it was pretty bad during the days of no sleep and constant breast-feeding. I had auditory hallucinations. No. Kidding. I heard shit - not people or God telling me to do things - no, I heard random noises that convinced me that my house in Bremerton WA was haunted. Not fun.

Wait a minute... What was the point of this post? Oh yeah - I'm not crazy! Thanks ya'll! I'll sleep better tonight with one less thing to obsess over. :)

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Madame Queen said...

LOL! Auditory hallucinations? Fuh-reaky! Thank God I never got THAT sleep deprived.