Saturday, June 7, 2008

Muffin in my bed

We have a little routine in the mornings where Muffin will climb up into my bed and snuggle with me for about 15 minutes before we both have to get up and get going. While this started out as a tactic on my part to squeeze every last drop of sleepy time, it's now become an integral part of the routine.

Sometimes it's GREAT! She'll snuggle next to me and we'll both listen to the birds outside with our eyes closed. Sometimes it's frustrating. She frequently has a cough and will hack right in my ear! Today it was infuriating! That little girl could not settle down to save her life!

It was like having a wild squirrel in my bed! She was all over the place, flipping and flopping, heaving great sighs, the occasional cough, the elbow to the ribcage, poking the cat. Not a fun experience at all. Clearly I was not expected to get any rest.

So, I got up. And I think that was her insidious plan all along. My four-year-old is passive aggressively plotting against me. Or maybe I just need some coffee.


Anonymous said...

Aiden always does this. That is why I don't like sleeping with him! I wish he would just snuggle in and relax!


She was plotting. It's ingrained in them. My daughter is in the paybacks stage. She likes to sleep, and now I am in HER ear. ;) Just wait.

Matter Of Fact Mommy said...

DUDE. BB does this to us on occasion only. this morning happened to be one of those occasions. 6am. *pitterpatterpitterpatter* "ugh."

he snuggled with me for a while which was NICE, but then it was time for showers, breakfast and mommy making lunches. UGH, indeed.