Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Happily back to the grind

Upon returning from my glorious week in our nation's capitol I discovered that A) I had gained five pounds. Well, poop. I suppose all those wonderful meals had to have a price. B) I had over 300 emails awaiting my urgent attention and C) that I define "urgent" much differently from everyone else in this building. Seriously! Is the building falling down? Are the fires in the Dismal Swamp headed our way? Did we increase our Threat Condition? No? Then it can wait!!! Geez!

However, despite the weight gain and work issues I'm in a pretty good mood. I think that break away from my normal, everyday routine was just what the doctor ordered. Muffin and I have both been cheerful and patient with one another. We're all alone because my sister is vacationing with her boyfriend for the week, but it's been pleasant so far.

In fact, I'm gearing us both up to go and see Wall-E this weekend. Remember how her last experience in a theater was somewhat disastrous? Well, this time around we're taking her friend from ballet - she's a movie veteran. I hope that a little peer-pressure will encourage Muffin to stick it out.

So, that's all folks. Not much to report. I've been trying to catch up on everyone else's blogs and leave comments - it's amazing how one week can rack up a serious backlog of blog reading!

Oh, I had an epiphany the other night - I decided that instead of buying groceries I would use what was in my freezer and pantry. The first dinner consisted of polenta, noodles and sauce (which I bought during my Trader Joe's excursion back in the early Spring). Now Muffin knows what polenta is and she likes it. Turns out hunger really IS the best sauce!


Unknown said...

glad you made it home safely!

I hope the movie experience this time is a good one!

Manager Mom said...

welcome back!

Funny, when I read the post I had to go check my pantry and there was a roll of polenta in there too! I'll have to bust it out.

Logical Libby said...

We're going to D.C. tomorrow! Hot and muggy here we come!