Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A page from another blog...

I'm No Belle just posted a blog which included an email from her mother.

I'm going to follow suit with an email that I recieved tonight following a conversation we had about an hour ago wherein Mama cut me off told me that she had to go. Because it was Steak Night and somebody needed to rub the meat. *ahem* That's what she said. Honest.

(please observe that the name in red has been altered to protect the innocent...)

I forgot to tell you, when we talked. I got Muffin a swimsuit cover up. It is yellow and is sleeveless and has a hood. It zips up the front. Got it today. Got to go. Steak time. Love, Mama

Steak time. Yes. Yes, my mama is the best. She is forever shopping for my darling Muffin, cooking for my Daddy and making sure that all of her four wayward children are happy. Did I mention the quilts? Oh yes, she quilts as well. And takes Tai Chi. All at the same time. Best. Mom. Ever.

Luv you Mama!

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Madame Queen said...

Hey! I tried to email you back but couldn't find an email address.

We ARE going to Hunting Island. I've heard it's gorgeous -- I can't wait!