Thursday, June 5, 2008

My thoughts on Lost. Finally

Last week at this time I was fairly quivering in Lost anticipation. We only had one more piece of the puzzle left before knowing how the Oceanic Six became the Oceanic Six. We had seen Ben get his noggin knocked, watched Kate and Sayid become captives of the Others and witnessed Jin, Desmond and Michael stumble upon a crap-ton of C-4! Talk about a set-up.

Well, I don't know about you - but I was not disappointed. Not at all. I thought it was a great episode. From the ascension of Locke as leader of the Others to the view of Locke in a casket - I thought there were plot twists and turns aplenty. And let me start with the very first, and possibly my favorite: Kate bitch-slapping Jack.

I loved how we watched the last scene from the Season 3 finale and were immediately treated with a follow-up. Kate's tires SCREECHED to a halt. She put it in reverse and zoomed back to jump out and berate Jack for saying "we have to go back to the island." She was all "Oh. No. You. Didn't." and then smacked him for good measure.

(Am I alone in loving any scene where a head strong female smacks the sense into somebody via a slap across the face? Perhaps the origins stem from my constant watching of Gone With The Wind as a youngster... I'll mention it to Doc Therapist.)

Anyhoo, we moved on to "island time" and witnessed team Sawyer/Jack stumble upon Hurley and Locke. Then we see how the Others used Kate and Sayid to further their cause by rescuing Ben from the evil clutches (love that term) of Keamy. Who, apparently, does a really great "I'm dead" impression. He shows up a little later to taunt Ben and reveal that the pile of C-4 on the freighter will go off if his heartbeat stops. Not that it stopped Ben from STABBING HIM IN THE NECK!!!

(And here is where I tell the interwebs about how creeped out I get when people die via neck slitting/stabbing/etc... It's in the top five ways in which I hope I never perish. Right up there with Lava, Acid immersion, torture (to include dismemberment) and being eaten alive by an alien/dinosaur/monster/etc... Oh yes, I have a list.)

Even as Keamy gurgles his way into the underworld we learn that Michael has come up with a brilliant scheme to buy some time on the freighter. The only problem is that there is only one tank of the liquid nitrogen stuff so after it's gone the bomb will go off. Still! It bought enough time to get Desmond on the chopper - however not enough time to get Jin on board as well. Poor Jin. Actually, I think "Poor Sun" is more appropriate because I have a sneaking feeling that we haven't seen the last of Jin. He could have been blown clear and picked up by Daniel and the Red Shirts - you never know!

I hope Daniel makes it - I liked that guy. He's the kind of guy I should've dated in college because he'll actually make some money and take care of me. Oh well, I like the bad guys... Segue to Sawyer...

Hot freaking damn. That guy rocks. His devotion to Hugo, his smooch on Kate and subsequent leaping into the ocean to save the rest (did anyone else's heart go pitterpat?), the gratuitous long shots of his emergence from the ocean. Holy moly - that shit is going to be dream fodder for WEEKS to come. (ha ha - pun.)

Juliet was drinking herself silly (not that I blame her) when he rose, like a male version of Venus, from the ocean. Aww, but she wasn't celebrating - she was watching the smoke rise from the remains of the freighter. :( Not long afterwards she and Sawyer got front row seats in the whole "moving the island" thing!

Now that was the final nail in the coffin of Lost. Seriously. There is no way that the show can recover their anti-sci fi fans after they just watched Ben turn a magical wheel and make the island disappear - can they? As for me, I'm ALL for that kind of thing. Bring it on! Just don't be scary. Much. I don't do the scary thing - the polar bears freaked me out for God's sake!

And yet, as much as dead bodies kind of freak me out - I was morbidly curious to know who was in the coffin. I was all "yeah, yeah, cut to the chase! Show me the body!" Ben was quite adamant that all of the Oceanic peoples must return. Together. Does that mean Walt too (and by the way Walt, damn! You're a big boy now!) Should be an interesting Season Five. Though, I'm sure they're gonna have to drug Kate to get her on board. She appears to have Claire on her side regarding Aaron's non-return to the island. Interesting...

Ok, I've rambled about the slap, the kill, the jump, the explosion, the movement of the island, the corpse... Oh yeah - the KISS!

I don't know about the rest of the viewers but I was literally jumping up and down and shouting enthusiastically during the reunion of Desmond and Penny. I'm getting goosebumps just writing about it! I loved how he held her face in his hands and earnestly proclaimed his love.

(NOTE TO GUYS: That Shit Works! You are guaranteed an automatic lay with that line. Just so you know...)

I thought it was a great way to wrap up the loose ends regarding Des and Chopper Pilot Lapedus. I'm glad that Desmond got his Penny. Though, I'm a little worried that Pen might be in some serious danger - what with Ben stalking her for death and all that. I hope she makes it!

So, that's it for my review. I know I barely scratched the surface. I didn't mention the Sun/Widmore connection. I didn't mention the Sayid/Hurley rescue. I didn't even mention Mr. Eko! Who I still love and hope to see again. These are my thoughts on the finale. I'll have another post with my thoughts on the series and it's future. But not tonight... :)

lols to follow...

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omg I know I thought it was one of the BEST finales!!!