Sunday, June 8, 2008

Procrastination Sunday

I'm sitting at the computer with my back to the rest of the house. It's Sunday, the day I normally clean up and do laundry but I also have a crap ton of homework that needs to be turned in as well. Basically, though there is much to be done, I stubbornly refuse to acknowledge it.

It's easy to put things off in the morning, but I'm sure that around 3pm I'll start to get that vague panicky feeling. That feeling usually kick starts the adrenaline and motivates me to accomplish everything in a couple of hours.

The only hitch in the plan is the sheer volume of homework. Did I mention that it's statistics? Which, as far as I'm concerned, is a completely different language all together? I wish I was kidding. I have about 30 problems to work but as soon as I crack the book open the words all run together, I get freaked out and I go find something else to do. That's been going on all week. The homework is due by midnight.

Also, my parents are coming for a visit on Thursday so when I clean up - it's got to be done at the "my parents are coming" level and not "I can live with this" level. You know the difference!

Meanwhile, my coffee is getting cold. And did you know that there is a whole new cable television station called "Planet Green?" Three guess on the type of programing it shows. Yeah, looks like that HGTV show "Living with Ed" finally found it's niche.

Ok, ok... Time to get motivated and get going. And find out why my daughter is so quiet... That can't be good.



Scrap everything but the homeowork. The rest is no big deal, really.

Tootsie Farklepants said...

I also put everything off today. Except shopping. I always make time for shopping.

Unknown said...

I hope you get it all done...good luck!

Melissa said...

I put everything off on the weekends or they are crazy busy with me picking up the slack from last weekend :)